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Dogs are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Unsurprisingly, Dogs are quadrupedal canines with small black eyes, short snouts, and no visible mouths. Their color and fur pattern differ among species. Tanuki Dogs and Rescue Dogs have a jug of liquid tied around their necks.

Aside from areas fitting their elemental affinity, Dogs are often found in forests, ruins, or caves.


Dogs are a rather varied lot, with different species having wildly different tactics. However, they're typically low to mid-tier foes who can attack players with backflips and claw slashes (the latter in EBF5 only) in addition to their unique gimmicks; some can inflict status effects and debuffs on players, some can buff themselves and/or their allies with a bark or howl, and some can even use healing skills. Aside from the aptly-named Mage Dog, they typically use physical attacks in battle.

In EBF5, with the exception of the Mage Dog and the Rescue Dog, Dogs will focus their attacks on whoever hit them last. However, they will tend to avoid attacking players suffering from certain status effects, such as a Tanuki Dog avoiding players already affected with Burn.

All Dogs share a weakness to Bio, but their other resistances vary greatly. They tend to lack resistances to status effects or debuffs, but EBF5 gives all Dogs a resistance to Chill and Freeze.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The EBF4 Bestiary lists the Friend Dog after the Wolf Dog; however, the former are encountered earlier in-game.
  • The Mage Dogs were first seen in Epic Battle Fantasy 3's Concept Art Gallery. They were designed as a counterpart to the Mage Birds, but were cut when Matt Roszak decided that he already had enough enemies; ironically, Birds wouldn't make it into Epic Battle Fantasy 5, while Dogs did (even gaining a new member in the process).