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Dolls are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


As their name indicates, Dolls are magically animated voodoo dolls designed to rudely imitate the playable cast members. They are made of light grey cloth with visible stitches and colored buttons for eyes; damage to their bodies reveals white cotton stuffing. They carry equipment relevant to their corresponding character.

Dolls are often found in "haunted" areas like Redpine Town or the forest floor of the Mystic Woods, though they are first introduced inside the Iron Fortress.


Unlike many other families of foe, Dolls have a variety of skills inspired by the characters they resemble. For instance, the Natalie Doll has better Magic Defence than Defence and favors spells in combat, while the NoLegs Doll has weaker defensive stats and better Evade than the other Dolls.

However, all Dolls have one thing in common: if they take damage from any source - be it direct attacks or damaging status effects/weather - they deal non-elemental damage to their player counterpart (this is equivalent to a counter, and so has no effect on turn order). The damage inflicted is based on how much of the Doll's maximum HP was lost to the attack, adjusted by a multiplier based on the difficulty level; it ranges from 20% on Zero to a whopping 150% on Epic. Conversely, healing a Doll will heal their associated player for a fraction of the HP recovered by the Doll (so nothing will happen if it's already at full HP when it's healed).

The "Sympathy" attack can be used even if the Doll is killed, and takes overkill damage into account. Auto-Revive and Morale can stop the damage from killing the corresponding player, and finishing off a Doll with a weak attack will minimize the damage its counter inflicts, but the best countermeasure is Syphon, which disables the effect entirely. A Syphoned Doll will immediately go Berserk at the start of its turn, limiting it to a basic physical attack.

All Dolls absorb Dark, but are weak to Fire and especially Holy. They have no resistances to status ailments or stat drops.



  •  If their common drops are any indication, Dolls are at least partially made of Wool and Super Tape.
  •  The Doll family was created by LucasTheFourth, who labelled them as "Voodolls". They had a stronger resemblance to their player counterparts - including simplified versions of their starting outfits - and were apparently able to stab themselves to damage their counterpart.
    •  The Dolls' concept art can be found near Natalie's prison in the Iron Fortress, next to a similar piece of concept art for the Fallen.

      LucasTheFourth's original concept art for the Dolls.