Doomsday EBF3

Doomsday cast by a Cosmic Monolith, EBF3.

"Oh crap, brace for... that."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Doomsday is a recurring skill in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, and the signature move of the Cosmic Monolith. It uses Dark magic to devastate the field.

Doomsday cannot be learned by any of the playable characters, but there are usually alternate ways to access it. In Epic Battle Fantasy 3, it may be cast by using a Dark Rune, and in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5, it can be used by summoning the Cosmic Monolith.


Traditionally, it starts with a red beam cutting across the battlefield, leaving a thin red crack behind it. The crack glows red for a moment before releasing a cataclysmic eruption of dark power, causing Limit Break-tier environment destruction and inflicting massive Dark damage to everyone (in EBF3) or the opposing side only (in EBF4&5) on the field.

When used by players (through items or summoning) or in EBF5, the red beam part is skipped, starting right at the most colourful part.


Due to its incredible damage output, Doomsday is one of the toughest attacks to survive in the game... until the player learns how to operate with elemental resistance. As Doomsday has a high element degree, two or three Dark-resisting equips is enough to neglect most or all of its damage, or even slightly heal from it. Alternatively, try raising own Magic Defence or/and Defending, or apply Auto-Revive or Morale (EBF4&5) onto the team.

For Doomsday's stats when used by Cosmic Monolith (the foe or the summon), see Cosmic Monolith#Attacks and Abilities and Cosmic Monolith#Summon, respectively. For its stats when used through the Dark Rune item (in EBF3), see below.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Name Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Dark Rune's Doomsday All
Stat Magic 90% Element Dark -- -- -- 200% 20%
Notes: With Death Bringer (staff) equipped on the user, power is increased to 1200 (2x) and 600 (2x).Like Meow Meow, ignores user's Magic Attack stat and any bonuses to it, instead using the user's level * 3 formula to get a value to multiply the skill's power by. Also ignores Accuracy buffs and equipment bonuses to it, yet still considers the base stat and the bonus from permanent stat food, Lollipop.
Although the foe version of the skill got its element degree increased to 100% in the 2016 update, the item version is still at 90%.


  • In EBF3, players will be awarded the Doomsday medal when they use a Dark Rune during battle for the first time.
  • In EBF4, the Invaders from Space medal will be awarded upon using the Cosmic Monolith summon for the first time.
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