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Dragons are a family of extremely powerful foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. While their first member was introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, a much wider variety would be introduced in subsequent games.


Dragons appear as enormous reptilian monsters with long necks - in fact, the game only ever shows their heads and necks (and occasionally their tails) in battle. Most of them have tan scales on the undersides of their necks and an assortment of horns, spines, or equivalent protrusions.

Dragons only appear late into their respective games, usually in environments that suit their elemental affinity.


Dragons are among the strongest non-boss foes in the series, being on par with Monoliths, Defenders, and Mammoths in power. They use potent magic, strong physical attacks, and a roar which buffs themselves and their allies. Most dragons also have a "Megaflare," a powerful, party-wide attack that deals massive magical damage while inflicting dangerous status effects or stat drops.

Dragons are typically resistant to Fire and Bomb, immune to Instant Death, and highly resistant to Stun, Freeze and Syphon. While many are weak to Ice, they often have a weakness based on the element they represent; Dark and Holy-based Dragons in particular tend to have even more resistances and less weaknesses than their brethren.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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  • The Dragon family is based on the Pyrohydra boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3; the Red Dragon is a direct repurposing of Blaze, while the Black and Gold Dragons are recolors of Abyss and Czars, respectively.
    • The Pyrohydra itself is referenced by a late-game enemy wave in EBF4 consisting of a Red Dragon, a Gold Dragon, and a Black Dragon.
  • Dragons are closely related to the Hydra family, with the Zombie Hydra arguably being the inspiration for the Pyrohydra and the Dragon family by extension. While the families have significant overlap, EBF5 helps clarify the distinctions between them, Dragons are visibly alive, treated as high-tier foes, and use buffing roars and Megaflare attacks, while Hydras tend to look more skeletal and appear as (mini)bosses, buff themselves by having their heads severed, and revive each other unless killed in rapid succession.
    • The Origami Dragon introduced in EBF5's v2 update may be a nod to the similarities between Dragons and Hydras; while it's called a Dragon and lacks the Hydra family's signature abilities, it's also a floating head that looks a lot like the Zombie Hydra's skull. Additionally, its Bestiary entry puts it between the end of the Dragon family and the beginning of the Hydra family.
  • While it is ambiguous as to whether Dragons have an actual body, the Dragon Claw implies that they have limbs, and a few species have displayed tail attacks. Additionally, the Dragon Wings staff implies that some Dragons have wings, but there is no evidence to suggest this in-game.
  • In EBF4, the Dragon family comprises the penultimate wave of the Battle Mountain's Monster Marathon.