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"Fire and bomb damage taken is increased by 50%. Thunder and ice damage is reduced by 50%. Effect removed by water damage."
―Dry's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
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Dry is a neutral/multi-purpose status effect in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is associated with the Fire element, and its icon is a group of orange heat lines. Its effects are as follows:

  • Increases Fire and Bomb-elemental damage taken by 50% while decreasing Thunder and Ice-elemental damage taken by 50% (in all cases it's only the elemental part); each time a Fire/Bomb attack is boosted or an Ice/Thunder attack is dampened, one stack of Dry will be consumed.
    • Damage from statuses is also affected (thus boosting the damage of Burn and Scorch), however, in this case, stacks of Dry will not be consumed.
  • Cancels out Wet if it's actually inflicted.
  • Doubles the chance to get Burned and Scorched.

As a neutral status Dry cannot be cured with standard cleansing effects or items, and won't be removed by getting Dispelled either. The main way for players to remove Dry off themselves is the Cutie Worm summon. Like most status effects, it also vanishes after the battle, when the victim dies (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns. Getting hit with Water-elemental damage will also remove the status.

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Sources of Dry


Dry is available to players through the following skills and equipment:


  • Eruption (Matt's skill) — Single target: 50% at Max. level
  • Sand Dune (Extra skill) — Single target: 100% at Max. level


  • Devil's Fork (Matt's sword) — 100% at Max. level
  • Alchemy Set (Natalie's staff) — 120% at Max. level (5% chance to roll the required status)
  • Sol Spear (Natalie's staff) — 100% at Max. level
  • Obsidian Staff (Natalie's staff) — 100% at Max. level
  • Hellfire Shotgun (Lance' gun) — 100% at Max. level
  • Desert Scorpion (Lance' gun) — 100% at Max. level
  • Alchemist's Bow (Anna's bow) — 100% at Max. level (5% chance to roll the required status)
  • Pixel Popper (NoLegs toy) — 100% at Max. level (5% chance to roll the required status)
  • Amethyst Earrings (Flair) — 100% at Max. level (replaces on-hit status)




Enemy attacks that can cause Dry:

Resistances to Dry

All resistances to Dry max out at 100% unless otherwise stated.






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