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Dry NoLegs's appearance.

Dry NoLegs is a skeletal version of NoLegs the cat, that marks his first appearance in the Epic Battle Fantasy spin-off; Bullet Heaven 2. In his original costume, he can be seen riding a brown leaf, whereas in his other costumes, he is riding a green leaf, black platform and spiky platform.

Bullet Heaven 2

The game marks Dry NoLegs's first appearance. Often portrayed as asocial, Dry NoLegs shows great hatred for the affection that NoLegs expresses towards the other characters, instead seeing them as nothing more but puppets being controlled by the threads of life.

NoLegs was unable to convince Dry NoLegs to forgive itself for its past mistakes, and so it rides the spider boss into battle at the end of world 8 in Bullet Heaven 2, which takes place in another dimension.

Empowered by Chaotic Energy, Dry NoLegs can use a variety of ethereal magic to materialise black knife like projectiles,red crescent shaped bursts dubbed "Bullet Hell", Colums of red swords dubbed "Blade Wall", and a large spell circle with spiked tendrils that does immense damage to all enemies on screen.


  • The name "Dry NoLegs" is a reference to the Dry Bones enemies from the Super Mario franchise, which are skeletal versions of Koopa Troopas. They usually collapse when jumped on, but reanimate themselves back to normal after few seconds.
  • Dry NoLegs may have been inspired by the Skeleton Cats found in the Minigames and Epic Battle Fantasy 5.