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"Elementals are pretty tough..."
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Elementals are a recurring family of foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. As their name suggests, they are magic-based incarnations of the elements with a wide range of abilities.


Elementals appear as semi-humanoid torsos with bestial facial features reminiscent of a reptile (barring the Wind Elemental); based on their identification in EBF3's Bestiary, they may be demons of some sort. Instead of legs, they have what could be a short tail or the atrophied remains of a pelvis; as such, they levitate just above the ground instead of walking. They have a pronounced hunch that puts their head roughly level with their shoulders, which are adorned with large, elaborate pauldrons or spikes. Their arms end in weapons instead of hands (barring the Ice Elemental), with most having a cannon on their right arm and a blade on their left.

Elementals are usually found in environments that match their element.


Elementals are mid-tier foes with powerful physical and magical attacks. They usually use the element that their name and appearance suggests, although a few can use secondary elements. Most can inflict a few status effects that can further complicate the matter of fighting them.

Elementals have fairly diverse weaknesses and resistances, but they always absorb the primary element they use in battle. On the other hand, most are weak to Ice.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Two Earth Elementals in EBF3's intro


  • The EBF3 intro claims that Elementals adopt their unique appearances and powers by adapting to their current environment. It is unclear if this is meant to imply that Elementals begin as the same creature before diverging into their current forms, or if an Elemental moved between environments would eventually change its element to match its new surroundings.
  • Interestingly, neither of the new Elementals introduced in EBF4 have horns on their heads, while all of the Elementals introduced in EBF3 do.