Epic Battle Fantasy Elements Symbols from Kupo707

Elements are a gameplay element of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They have been a part of the series since the original Epic Battle Fantasy, but they were officially introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 (along with the Bestiary), and later expanded in EBF 3 and EBF 4.

Elemental strengths and weaknesses can be identified by using Scan on an enemy during battle. The strengths and weaknesses of scanned foes can then be seen at any time by hovering the mouse over the "?" mark which appears next to all scanned enemies. Outside of battle, resistances can be checked using the Bestiary.

Types of Elements

Currently, there are 10 elements available in-game:



Example of resistances screen. (EBF4)

Elemental resistance is a percentage of which incoming damage from this element will be reduced. There can be a few different outcomes, depending on how high or low the resistance is and on the attacks' elemental percentage (e.g EBF4 Matt's Drain's damage only has 50% Poison).

As of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, the exact percentages of elemental resistances can be observed on the stats of characters and scanned enemies.

  • 0% - The attack does normal damage, In the stat screen, the element's icon is transparent and doesn't have any number on it (e.g. Fire, Poison, Holy, and Dark on the picture to the right).
  • Between 0% and 100% - Elemental damage is reduced by the % shown on the stat screen.
  • 100% (Elemental Immunity) - The character takes no damage from the corresponding element. (e.g. Thunder and Wind on the picture).
  • Above 100% (Elemental Absorption) - Instead of receiving damage from that element, the character will recover HP - the amount recovered is based on the percentage above 100% (There are some instances where the HP recovered from the damage is lower than the part-elemental damage, thus only reducing the damage taken like normal.) The number on the stat screen is green. (e.g. in the picture to the right, the character would heal as much damage from an Earth-elemental attack that would be inflicted on a character with no Earth resistance).
  • Below 0% (Elemental Weakness) - The element's damage will be increased by the shown %. The number on the stat screen is red and has a negative symbol before it. (e.g. Ice, Bomb, and Water on the picture).

Exploiting the elemental weaknesses of an enemy is the simplest way to inflict the maximum amount of damage; conversely, equipping armor and weapons that increase the party's resistances to an enemy's elemental attacks is a great way to improve their chances of survival.