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Enchanted is a neutral Status Effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its icon is a golden slime.

When in effect, all magical damage received by the target is nullified, while all physical damage received is doubled; additionally, the affected target's sprite changes to an alternate color palette. Its inverse status effect is Invisible.

Enchanted's effects are as follows:

  • While Enchanted is mechanically a neutral status effect, it's coded in-game as a positive status effect, as such it will not be removed by spells or food that remove negative status effects, instead being removed when the target is inflicted with Dispel.
    • Because of this, the only ways players can remove the status off themselves (other than dying) is to either use the Cutie Worm summon, or inflict Invisible on themselves, which will replace the status.
    • Like other positive status effects, Enchant stacks fade away at the end of the players' turn for foes and at the end of the foe's turn for players.
  • Due to being classified as magical damage, the damage from Poison, Virus, Burn, Scorch and Delete will be nullified by Enchanted; the opposite is true for Doom, which inflicts physical damage.
    • That said, for foes Enchanted fades away before the status damage is inflicted, meaning at least 2 stacks of it need to be inflicted for it to nullify/double status damage; for players one stack is enough.
  • Since the v2 update, every time a player with Enchanted is hit by an attack, one stack of it will be consumed (multi-hit attacks will generally only consume a stack if the last hit lands, though there are exceptions where each hit consumes a stack).

Stats in brackets (below/right from actual) are for its pre-v2 update version.

Enchanted is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Enchantment, unleashed by the Elder's Wisdom, Aquamarine and Book of Spells (the latter 2 only after the v2 update) — 2x[1x] length, bypasses Bless.
  • Hardy Gloop (summon), casts Enchantment on a single enemy — 2x[1x] length, bypasses Bless.
  • Angel Mirror (summon), casts Enchantment on all allies — 3x[1x] length.
  • The Random status has 1/20 chance to become Enchanted — 100% chance, 1x length.
  • Shell Armor, gives the status on defend — 1x length.
  • Bubble Dress, gives the status on defend — 1x length.

Enemy attacks that cause Enchanted:

  • Angel Mirror, Crucified Fallen, Book Worm, and Cosmic Gigalith's Enchantment — 100% chance, 4x[2x] length (the Gigalith can both cast a multi-target version and counter with the regular single target version), bypasses Bless.
  • Book Worm's Buff — 3x length on self.
  • Hardy Gloop's defend/buff — 5x length on self.
  • GUOYE's Slime Hand — 20% chance, 4x length.