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Enfeeble being used on a group of Squids.

Enfeeble is a debuffing skill available for Natalie, Lance and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the magical counterpart to Debilitate.


Upon casting, a rhombus-shaped barrier made up of red triangles appears before the enemies. The triangles then scatter up and downwards, giving all foes a good chance to suffer a Magic Defence debuff.

Due to the way buffs and debuffs work in EBF5, it's best to cast Enfeeble immediately before launching a powerful magic attack; alternatively, it can be used to quickly counteract the foes' attempts to buff their Magic Defence. Its lengthy cooldown can be mitigated with the Nano Machines or by applying Curse to maintain or amplify the debuff on afflicted foes. While it might seem like the best fit for Anna, given that she's the least magically-inclined player who can learn Enfeeble, Natalie and Lance can use it just as effectively depending on the party's strategy.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Enfeeble is obtained by completing Rami's quest in the Mystic Woods, one screen left from the Greenwood Village Slime Cat. Before the v2 update, the skill was instead given by Maka in Redpine Town.

EBF5 Skill Enfeeble.png
Debuffs the magic defence of all enemies.
  • Has a 5-turn cooldown.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All -- ---- EBF5 StatDown Mdef.png 100% -- --
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength AP Cost
1 -- 85% 20% N/A
2 -- 90% 30% 400
3 -- 95% 40% 1500
4 -- 100% 50% 5000