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Epic Battle Fantasy is the first game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is based primarily upon the two main characters, Matt and Natalie, on their seemingly aimless "epic battle fantasy" quest, fighting through a legion of foes. It is followed by a direct sequel - Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


The game progresses in a simple turn-based RPG style, with fight screens and backgrounds somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy IV. Several characters have been adapted from other well-known games, such as Pokémon. Battles are separated into different areas depicted by the background, each area revealing new foes that are harder to defeat. Apart from that, the game is very limited: there is a lack of any evident storyline, there are no explorable maps or real-time navigation, NPCs or additional character interaction, and the party is set to the two main characters. Items can be bought in a shop screen which appears at designated breaks in the game (usually after 3 boss fights).


After the title screen, a quick "How To Play" dialogue appears outlining the basic instructions, with tips such as using Slimes for practice. The background features an array of Matt and Natalie's weapons. This is followed by an option dialogue for difficulty setting. A difficulty of Easy will decrease foes' damage to 80% of Normal, whereas Hard will increase to 120%, and Epic 140%. The player is taken to the standard shop screen, with 14,000 funds to spend on common healing items such as Potions, stat raisers, and Bob-ombs for offensive. A message warns about the irregularity of shop screens, before launching the player into the first battle, revealing no background or story.

Fight Interface[]

In every fight screen, Matt and Natalie are on the left while foes are placed on the right, facing them. The players' health and mana bars are displayed in the bottom left corner, and next to it a list of available commands. A retractable Options menu is found in the bottom right corner. Unlike the sequels, the health of foes is not permanently displayed anywhere, however a white vertical indicator bar briefly appears when successfully attacking a foe. Both characters start with a maximum HP of 9999, and MP of 999. During battle, Mog may randomly appear with a healing item and restore one of the characters' health, mana, or status. Matt and Natalie may also utter emoticons when attacked, but this is purely cosmetic.

Player Commands[]

From the command menu, the player can choose for each character to make a Normal Attack, Defend to minimize damage, invoke a special attack, or use an item. Matt can also swap to an alternate sword to change his stats and enhance a specific move. Both characters have differing special abilities. Matt can perform magic-imbued attacks with his sword, called "Bushido", or choose from several defensive and offensive Special skills. On the other hand, Natalie has a poor primary attack, but she can unleash powerful White and Black Magic spells, as well as call in one of four different Summons. The turn order cannot be altered; Matt will always act first before Natalie, unless he is stunned or dead.

Defeating Foes[]

When defeating foes, there is no experience gain or any leveling system; However, random items may be dropped. Both characters will jump up and exclaim a word or emoticon.

The difficulty will increase as the game progresses, the number of opponents generally increasing when a new wave of foes replace the ones defeated. After three or so waves, a formidable boss will appear, also marking the end of the area.

Foes have no names or descriptions, but come in different species, colors and varieties. It is unclear how much of a factor elements have in the damage given to the foe, though it is safe to assume that for example Fire will be most effective on a Haunted Tree or Thunder against the Mecha. Here is an example of an unofficial list of foe weaknesses.


The Options menu provides sections for changing three available settings: Help, Text, and Quality. Turning Help off (on by default) will remove the extra Help dialogue attached when selecting from special abilities, swords, and items. This may deprive important information such as stats, type of damage inflicted, effect on players and/or foes, and useful tips, so is only recommended for advanced players. Changing the Text speed will quicken the narration during cutscenes. If your computer's graphics are not capable of running the flash smoothly, you may want to lower the Quality. Clicking the X button will retract the menu into the corner, while clicking it again will bring it back up.


Spoiler warning

The game begins with Matt (a.k.a. Player 1) and Natalie (a.k.a. Player 2) in a shop, buying supplies for their upcoming journey. Once they're properly supplied, Matt and Natalie arrive in a forest or grassland-like environment, typical of a starting area in RPGs. They battle a number of Slimes before being confronted by the area's boss: a King Slime that appears to have been converted into a mobile fortress for NoLegs the cat.

After defeating the King Slime, Matt and Natalie travel to a barren wasteland with a blood-red sky and many dead trees. After slaying several Eyeball monsters, they are confronted by the Beholder, a hideous tentacled beast that serves as the boss of this area. By killing the Beholder, the heroic duo advances to a depressing area filled with fog, mud, and little else. Cutting their way through a Haunted Tree grove, they come to a dilapidated factory/urban area occupied by a Defender. The battle is grueling, but Matt and Natalie successfully destroy the machine; afterwards, a witch-like shopkeeper offers to sell them more items.

With their supplies replenished, Matt and Natalie enter a rocky beach area populated by Crabs. They soon come across another powerful boss: the Legendary Golem, Metaice. The players engage it in battle, but their icy foe retreats before the final blow can be struck; Matt and Natalie chase it to a sparkly backdrop, where their advance is halted by Metarock. It too falls against the players, but it quickly reassembles its shattered remains as Metaice reappears, forcing them to defeat both golems at once.

With Metaice and Metarock down for good, Matt and Natalie proceed to a volcanic area filled with mysterious Eyes. Beyond the volcano lies some sort of underground bunker, protected by a mighty Mecha that makes the Defender from earlier seem tame in comparison; nevertheless, it meets the same fate at the swords and spells of the players. When the Mecha is nothing but scrap metal, the players arrive in an ominous graveyard; after defeating its Skull Ghost protectors, they find the ultimate opponent. Aided by a strange entity known only as Duskmask, Zombie Goku challenges the heroic duo to a final climactic duel that will decide the fate of the Earth.

Ultimately, Zombie Goku is put to rest, but he does not go quietly. His unfathomable energies are released in his death throes, causing a massive explosion that spreads deadly radiation across the planet. Caught at ground zero of this cataclysm, Matt and Natalie are left barely alive when members of the Kitten Kingdom find them. Unbeknownst to them, their victory over Zombie Goku has set the stage for the rise of a new, even greater threat...but that's a story for another time.



  • Matt and Natalie are referred to as Player 1 and Player 2 in the game, but have their names revealed in the Gallery.
  • A glitch occurs when turning Help off while a Help dialogue is showing--the dialogue will not disappear but stay frozen on the information it is displaying, until a different menu command is selected.
  • There is a glitch where the Options dialogue will not stay retracted after a shop screen.
  • A never before seen intro for EBF1 was released in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection where the two players encounter a slime. P2 (Natalie) wishes to keep it as a pet, while P1 (Matt) wants to kill it.
    • Exactly why it was never implemented or when it was made remains unknown, even the developer Matt Roszak is unsure!

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