Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki

The world of Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is divided in seven regions: The Town (O4-P6), Vegetable Forest (L5-N7), Rock Lake (I7-K9), Glacier Valley (I4-K6), Kitten Kingdom Ruins (G1-I3), Volcano Peak (D2-F4) and The Rift (A4-C4). Scattered around the world are Medals Areas, unlocked when the number of pre-requested medals are also unlocked.

Click on any tile to open the corresponding detail page. In the Index you can find the list of all Key Items, Swords, Staves, Guns, Male Hats, Male Armor, Female Hats, Female Armor, Skills, Quests and Mini Games with the corresponding locations.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
A A4TheRift.png
B B4TheRift.png
C C4TheRift.png
D D2VolcanoPeak.png D3VolcanoPeak.png D4VolcanoPeak.png
E E160MedalsArea.png E2VolcanoPeak.png E3VolcanoPeak.png E4VolcanoPeak.png
F F2VolcanoPeak.png F3VolcanoPeak.png F4VolcanoPeak.png
G G1KittenKingdomRuins.png G2KittenKingdomRuins.png G3KittenKingdomRuins.png
H H1KittenKingdomRuins.png H2KittenKingdomRuins.png H3KittenKingdomRuins.png
I I1KittenKingdomRuins.png I2KittenKingdomRuins.png I3KittenKingdomRuins.png I4GlacierValley.png I5GlacierValley.png I6GlacierValley.png I7RockLake.png I8RockLake.png I9RockLake.png
J J340MedalsArea.png J4GlacierValley.png J5GlacierValley.png J6GlacierValley.png J7RockLake.png J8RockLake.png J9RockLake.png
K K330MedalsArea.png K4GlacierValley.png K5GlacierValley.png K6GlacierValley.png K7RockLake.png K8RockLake.png K9RockLake.png
L L5VegetableForest.png L6VegetableForest.png L7VegetableForest.png L820MedalsArea.png
M M5VegetableForest.png M6VegetableForest.png M7VegetableForest.png
N N5VegetableForest.png N6VegetableForest.png N7VegetableForest.png N810MedalsArea.png
O O4TheTown.png O5TheTown.png O6TheTown.png
P P4TheTown.png P5TheTown.png P6TheTown.png