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EBF4 Battle Mountain C1.png
    • Ancient Monolith: Nine waves. (guards Chest #1 and #2)
      • Wave 1: Three Thunder Birds and two Gold Fishes
      • Wave 2: One Yellow Clay, one White Clay, one Ancient Monolith, one Black Clay and one Green Clay
      • Wave 3: One Red Clay, one White Clay, one Sky Monolith, one Black Clay and one Blue Clay
      • Wave 4: Two Spirits, two Angel Eyes and one Frozen Eye
      • Wave 5: Three Wind Sprites and two Ancient Eyes
      • Wave 6: Two Mage Birds and two Chimera Bears
      • Wave 7: Two Spirits, two Mage Dogs and one Sky Monolith
      • Wave 8: Two Gem Idols and two Wind Elementals
      • Wave 9: One Ancient Monolith, one Gold Dragon, one Brown Dragon and one Viking Monolith
    • Chest #1: Golden Armor (male armor), 5 Gold Plate, 5 Rainbow Gems
    • Chest #2: Fusion Sword (sword), 30 Steel Plates, 20 Gunpowders
    • Hidden Chest #1 (lower left corner, appears after moving the block onto the X): 1 Mythril Shards, 1 Cake, 1 Donut
      • In the Kongregate version of the game, has 1 Chocolate instead of the Donut.
    • Secret #1 (vase in the upper right corner): 12 Silver Plates, 2 Gold Plates, 7 Rainbow Gems