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The world of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is divided into 8 main regions: Greenwood Village, Ashwood Forest, Crystal Caverns, Whitefall Town, Waste Disposal Plant, Lankyroot Jungle, Goldenbrick Resort, and Temple of Godcat. There are also three smaller regions, Lava Cave, Graybone Cemetery, and Lost Ruins (six if you also count the Endless Jungle next to the Lost Ruins, and the smaller lava and crystal caves found in Lankyroot Jungle and Temple of Godcat respectively). Not shown here is Battle Mountain, which is on a seperate map.

The Index contains the location of all Key Items, Swords, Staves, Guns, Bows, Male Hats, Male Armor, Female Hats, Female Armor, Flairs, Skills, Summons and Quests.

Click any tile to open corresponding page:

0 Image 100.png Image 115.png Image 120.png Image 125.png Image 130.png Image 133.png Image 136.png Image 141.png Image 144.png Image 147.png Image 152.png
1 Image 155.png Image 160.png Image 163.png Image 166.png Image 169.png Image 172.png Image 175.png Image 178.png Image 181.png Image 191.png Image 194.png
2 Image 197.png Image 200.png Image 203.png Image 206.png Image 209.png Image 212.png Image 215.png Image 218.png Image 222.png Image 225.png Image 228.png
3 Image 231.png Image 240.png Image 243.png Image 246.png Image 249.png Image 252.png Image 255.png Image 259.png Image 262.png Image 265.png Image 268.png
4 Image 271.png Image 274.png Image 277.png Image 280.png Image 283.png Image 286.png Image 289.png Image 292.png Image 295.png Image 298.png Image 301.png
5 Image 304.png Image 307.png Image 310.png Image 313.png Image 317.png Image 320.png Image 323.png Image 326.png Image 329.png Image 332.png Image 335.png
6 Image 338.png Image 341.png Image 344.png Image 347.png Image 350.png Image 353.png Image 356.png Image 359.png Image 362.png Image 365.png Image 368.png
7 Image 371.png Image 376.png Image 379.png Image 382.png Image 385.png Image 388.png Image 391.png Image 394.png Image 397.png Image 400.png Image 403.png
8 Image 406.png Image 409.png Image 412.png Image 415.png Image 418.png Image 421.png Image 425.png Image 428.png Image 433.png Image 436.png Image 439.png
9 Image 442.png Image 446.png Image 449.png Image 452.png Image 455.png Image 458.png Image 465.png Image 468.png Image 471.png Image 474.png Image 477.png


All screenshots are taken from the official walkthrough on Kongregate, which doesn't account for the Battle Mountain update.

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