Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki
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  • Lots of treasure and items to be found, but most of it requires items you won't find until later.
  • Grab the Paper Talisman from the table in the church and use the Slime Bunny bucket if you need to. The Elixir of life won't be available until you have a Gold Key to remove the block.
  • You can examine the kitten snow sculptures in front of the church for various messages, depending on which character is your lead.
    • Helen: Bring 1 Holy Water and 3 Liquid Ice
      • REWARD: Holy Fire (skill), 1 Donut, 1 Cake
    • Secret #1: 6 Paper Talisman, 2 Silk (in bag)
    • Chest #1: 1 Beef, 4 Rainbow Gems, 5 Amber (behind the church)
    • Chest #2 (requires Gold Key): Silver Cross (flair), 2 Silver Plate, 1 Ham
    • Chest #3 (requires Gold Key): Blue Dress (female armor), 1 Orange Juice, 1 Lollipop