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  • You'll get a cutscene when you enter this area for the first time.
  • Slime Cat #4 is just above the Whitefall Jewel's (former) pedestal.
  • Your next destination is to your right, but it's highly recommended to check out the rest of the town and the cemetery to your left first.
    • John (fur hat and bow): Get 5 Fine Fur, 5 Steel Plate, 2 Solid Spike
      • REWARD: Viking Helmet (male hat), 1 Ham, 1 Beef
    • Secret #1 (in a tree): 7 Snowball, 1 Candycane
    • Chest #1 (added in the Battle Mountain update): Wooly Mammoth (summon), 1 Honeycomb, 1 Ham
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