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  • Welcome to the Temple of Godcat! The first time you come here, there'll be a short dialogue between your characters.
  • On your first visit, you'll only be able to go through the lower path - head east to progress. When you reach the upper level, you'll be able to come back and grab the chest overhead - after that, head north to continue onward.
    • Spark Wraith: Two waves. (guards Chest #1)
      • Wave #1: Three Haunted Trees and two Spark Wraiths
      • Wave #2: Three Spark Wraiths and two Mad Cactuses
    • Thunder Bird: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Three Thunder Birds and two Gold Fishes
      • Wave #2: Two Mage Birds, two Gold Fishes, and one Thunder Bird
    • Chest #1: 8 Cactus, 1 Jungle Flower, 1 Cake
    • Chest #2: 2 Gold Plate, 6 Silver Plate, 4 Silk