Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Map/H8 Plant Entrance

Image 428 big.png
  • You may want to visit the Graveyard before entering this new area, but you don't have to.
  • Move the Battery into the socket to open the door.
  • You will have to come back and get this Battery, once you open another door into the factory.
    • Snow Slime: Two Furry Slimes, two Wolf Dogs, and one Snow Slime
      • Prior to the Battle Mountain update, it had more Snow Slimes instead of Furry Slimes.
    • Igloo Fort: Two Cat Soldiers and two Igloo Forts (must be cleared to progress only if you have Premium Pack or Steam version)
    • Secret #1 (in one of the boxes on top): 1 7-Segment Display, 2 Red LED, 8 Snowball
    • Chest #1: Ultra Zapper (gun), 8 Red LED, 3 7-Segment Display (requires Steel Key)
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