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  • Two of the Waste Disposal Plant's entrances are near this area. The first time you come here, head north.
    • Rizer: Bring 3 Batteries.
      • REWARD: 3 Batteries, Wrecking Rod (staff), 1 Beef
    • Snow Bush: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Snow Bushes and two Dark Bushes
      • Wave #2: Two Snow Bushes, two Wolf Dogs, and one Friend Dog
    • Big Snow Slime: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Five Snow Slimes
      • Wave #2: Two Snow Slimes, two Furry Slimes, and one Big Snow Slime
        • Prior to the Battle Mountain update, it had more Snow Slimes instead of Furry Slimes.
    • Inside the pile of logs near Rizer: 6 Soft Wood, 3 Lanky Root
    • Chest #1 (hidden in the house): Alchemy Set (staff), 1 Pink Potion, 3 Glass