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  • Don't miss the Fossil next to the Ice Golem - you can grab it from the outside if you want.
  • Use the stone blocks to stop the ice blocks on two of the "X"s before pushing them onto the other two. Solving the puzzle opens the gate to your left.
  • You can make a small shortcut through the Caverns later when you have the Hammer.
    • Ice Golem: Two Ice Golems (guards Chest #3)
    • Secret #1: 2 Solid Water
    • Chest #1: Icicles (skill), 2 Liquid Ice, 2 Ice Cream
    • Chest #2: Ice Shards (female hat), 2 Solid Water
    • Chest #3: Narwhal (summon), 2 Curly Horn, 1 Solid Water
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