Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki
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  • Go right to progress.
  • Come back here when you have all 4 Blood Orbs. This is easiest once you have the Winged Boots.
    • Yellow Clay: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Blue Clays, two Yellow Clays, and one White Clay
      • Wave #2: Two Yellow Clays, two Black Clays, and one White Clay
    • Earth Elemental: Two waves. (guards Chest #1)
      • Wave #1: Three Rock Sprites and two Earth Elementals
      • Wave #2: Three Lightning Sprites and two Thunder Elementals
    • Rock Sprite: Three Ancient Eyes and two Rock Sprites (guards Chest #2)
    • Protector: Two Barrier Runes, two Plasma Runes, and one Protector (guards Chests #3 and #4 since the Battle Mountain update)
    • Chest #1: Chimaera Bear (summon), 4 Coconut, 10 Fine Fur
    • Chest #2: 2 Dark Rune, 2 Bottled Darkness
    • Chest #3: Knight Armor (male armor), 1 Plutonium Core, 3 Silver Plate
    • Chest #4: Protector (summon), 2 Plasma Ball, 1 Dark Matter
      • Prior to the Battle Mountain update, it had the Supernova Limit Break and 8 Magma Sample instead of the summon and Plasma Balls. The update moved Supernova into Lankyroot Jungle's Lost Ruins.