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Natalie appears after acquiring The Shovel; the battle begins if you approach her or try to walk past her.

The Glitch Area becomes accessible after completing the Mystic Woods.

Exits World Map Index
B1 Grand Gallery
A2 Hope Harbor I 05 B2 Glitch Area C2 Hope Harbor
B3 Wild Tropics
Character Hat Armor Weapon Skills
H 07 Natalie Red Ribbon Red Dress Dark Tooth Heal
F 03 2 Glass Shards 2 Super Tape 2 Iron Plate
N 03 1 Mint Leaf 1 Potato 1 Lollipop
Foes 1st Wave
E 04 2 Green Bush, 2 Stumpy Gloop
H 07 Natalie
K 07 2 Putrid Worm, 2 Stumpy Gloop