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Exits World Map Index
E 04 B1 Grand Gallery G 04 B5 Hope Harbor I 04 J5 Rainbow River K 04 G2 Mystic Woods M 04 E8 Redpine Town O 04 D15 The Great Sea
F 07 D3 Hope Harbor H 07 F5 No Man's Land J 07 J2 Greenwood Village L 07 B8 Frozen Valley N 07 I8 The Rapture R 05 K7 Temple of Trials

See Festival for the dates in which each NPC appears.

Quests Requirements Rewards Season
C 04 Bunny 30 Easter Egg, 1 Coffee Heaven's Voice, 1 The Holy Grail, 1 Orange Juice Easter
J 05 Amy 10 Heart Chocolate, 1 Cupcake Love Blade, 1 Diamond, 1 Espresso Valentine's day
K 07 Sally 25 Candy Cane, 1 Pretzel Santa Outfit, Santa Skirt, 1 Espresso Christmas
O 04 Jack 25 Halloween Candy, 3 Pumpkin Coat of Teeth, Spider Gown, 20 Pumpkin Halloween
O 05 Jin 10 Red Envelope, 5 Gunpowder Coin Charm, Firecrackers, 1 Gold Plate Chinese New Year