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"Making an application that launches other applications makes me feel like a powerful hacker."
―Matt Roszak, 2020

The Epic Battle Fantasy Collection, or EBF Collection is a currently unreleased collection of Matt Roszak's older works. It contains a variety of his older games, each of which have not been previously released on Steam and most of which are receiving significant revisions and improvements.


The Epic Battle Fantasy Collection contains Epic Battle Fantasy, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Adventure Story, Bullet Heaven, Brawl Royale, Mecha Dress Up Game, The Kitten Game, and Cat Cafe. In addition, it also has some old images, concept art, prototypes, and other forgotten, insignificant flash-based materials that would normally be hidden in the app under most circumstances.

Each game has received significant improvements in gameplay, audio, and various additions. In the case of Epic Battle Fantasy and Brawl Royale, the games have been somewhat censored as potentially copyright-infringing material has been removed.

On the 13th of November 2021, Matt stated that although the collection is almost finished, any further development has been halted as Matt is now developing his games for the mobile games.

Specific details can be found on each game's page. This is presently incomplete, and will be filled in as more information is released and after the collection is released.

Epic Battle Fantasy

Most of the overwhelming amounts of bugs in the game have been fixed. The game has been rebalanced, and features an entirely new soundtrack by Forger343. The copyrighted content has been replaced with original content made by Matt. A new checkpoint system is one of the new features introduced, alongside volume control, "zero" difficulty, full screen mode, and game speed modifiers.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Most of the overwhelming amounts of bugs in the game have been fixed. Some quality of life changes have been made, such as adding a fourth choice of Skill Bonuses when upgrading, and putting a limit on how many times foes like the Zombie Hydra can repeat their attacks.

The game has also been balanced around the new changes, and some entirely new skill bonuses are available.

Adventure Story

Four new levels have been added to the game, including four bosses that are meant to be harder versions of the main game bosses. Other new features includes controller support, a new "extreme" difficulty, new equips, increased level cap, and a new boss rush level.

Bullet Heaven

Not much is known except for the fact there are 4 new playable characters to unlock, new game options, and that some achievements are now easier to unlock. The four characters are Green Bush, Slime Bunny, Dry NoLegs, and Drill Bot.

Brawl Royale

Brawl Royale has been completely rewritten, and has both better mechanics and different difficulty modes. The copyrighted content has been replaced with original content made by Matt and new music has been composed by Phyrnna.

Mecha Dress Up Game

Mecha Dress Up Game is almost completely rewritten, with various new options and items to play with (like changing the mecha's color!). The soundtrack has also been replaced with originals by Forger343, also due to copyrights.

The Kitten Game

The game now includes a new soundtrack by Phyrnna consisting of unused tracks, and new achievements. An auto-clicker is now available by default (making the game less strenuous on the hand), and volume controls now exist (making the game less strenuous on the ear!), as well as having quieter sound effects. Like EBF, copyrighted content has been modified to not bare actual resemblance to the original source.

Cat Cafe

Some changes have occurred, including bug fixes and modifications to make the game easier to play on PC (as it was originally developed as an Android app).


The game currently has not been released.


  • All the games featured will have a combined total of 150 medals, more than any other previous games. For comparison, that's around 13%/17 more medals than the full version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
  • The main reason that Brawl Royale is going to be reprogrammed is that according to Roszak's blog, his original .fla file was corrupted due to age and it wouldn't run on Flash (it uses ActionScript 2, whereas most of his other Flash games, including the redux version, runs on AS3). It would make sense to remake the game by using the same programming as the other games without suffering the needs of backwards compactability.
    • Due to this factor, this may also be the reason why a mobile port was announced on the 23rd of September 2021.
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