Equipment Screen

Equip menu in EBF3

Equipment (Equips for short) is the general term for items worn or wielded by player characters, such as hats, armors, and weapons. Equipment's primary roles are increasing user's statistics, providing resistances against elemental attacks or status effects, and providing various special effects (see Equipment Effects for detailed information).

Initially, the only equipment in the Epic Battle Fantasy series were Matt's various swords, which he could switch between in battle. With the shift to a full RPG, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 introduced equips for each available character and a new equipment-based game mechanic - Forging. With the appropriate items, equipment can be upgraded to enhance the effectiveness of their abilities.


The items that characters use to attack their enemies. Each character has a different set of weapons that only they can use:

Since EBF3, weapons can be upgraded through Forging, up to Level 5.


See: Male Hats and Armor, Female Hats and Armor.

These items are worn by characters to protect themselves from the elements and enemy attacks. Armor can be separated into two categories; headgear (or hats) and body armor. From there, armor can be further differentiated by whether it can be worn by males or females. Most armor pieces appear in pairs of headgear and body armor, and many have male and female versions with similar abilities and stats.

Like weapons, armor can be upgraded to Level 5 through Forging.



All Flairs available in EBF4

See: Flairs

A new type of equipment introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They appear as a variety of small trinkets and badges worn over the character's clothing that can be worn by any character to provide boosts to their stats and elemental resistances. Some flairs change the status effect of their wearer's weapon, and others automatically cast certain spells in battle. In EBF5, some flairs will apply an additional effect to the Defend action when they are leveled up. Up to 3 flairs can be worn simultaneously by each of the characters.

Unlike weapons and armor, Flairs can only be upgraded to Level 3.

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