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The Equipment Shop, also called Weapon Shop or simply Equip Shop in short, is a type of shop found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, 4 and 5. It allows the party to buy equipment to expand their arsenal.

Each town has an Equipment Shop, which may be distinguished from other buildings by sign with a sword icon above its door.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The Town has the only Equipment Shop in the game, called "The Iron Bucket" in-game. It is located in The Town's northwest corner, and offers at least one of each type of equip except for male armor.

The "Shopper" Medal will be awarded for buying everything from the Equipment Shop.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

There are three Equipment Shops in the game, one in each town.

The "Best Customer" Medal will be awarded for buying out the stock of any Equipment Shop. This is easiest to do at Greenwood Village, which has the cheapest items available for purchase.

Greenwood Village

Located in the northwest corner of the village.

Whitefall Town

Located to the north-west of the town's jewel pedestal.

Goldenbrick Resort

It is the big building located east of the resort's jewel pedestal.


The following equipment can be bought at any Equipment Shop during the month of December.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

There are three Equipment Shops, with one in each of Hope Harbor, Greenwood Village and Redpine Town. Unlike previous games, these all share the same selection; each piece of equipment can only be bought once, and will disappear from other shops on doing so.

After the v2 update, the "Best Customer" Medal will be awarded for buying everything from the Equipment Shop, including the seasonal equipment.

Stats in brackets (below/right from actual) are for its pre-v2 update version.



Like in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, there are a small selection of equipment that can be bought only during the relevant season. These can be bought from any shop.

Chinese New Year

Valentine's Day