Equipment Shop, also called Weapon Shop or simply Equip Shop in short, is a type of shop found in full RPG games of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, specifically Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. In Equip Shops player may buy some weapons and armors to expand his arsenal and thus deal with upcoming dangers more efficiently.

Every settlement hosts one Equip Shop, which may be distinguished from other buildings by sign with a sword icon above its door.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Because there is only one town in this game, there is also only one Equip Shop.

Medal "Shopper" will be awarded for buying out everything from the Equipment Shop.

The Town

The Iron Bucket weapon shop is located in town's north-west corner, it offers at least one of each type of equips except of male armor.

There is also a hidden chest behind the shop that features the Blood Blade.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

There is a total of three Equip Shops in this game, each of them is located in different town.

Medal "Best Customer" will be awarded for buying out everything from any Equipment Shop.

Greenwood Village

It is located in the north-west corner of the village.

There are also few chests hidden behind the shop, one of them features the Clover Pin flair.

Whitefall Town

Located to the north-west of town's jewel pedestal.

There are two hidden chests behind the shop, one of them having Ice Needle and the other having the Fr*ezie Badge inside.

Goldenbrick Resort

It is a big building located east of town's jewel pedestal.

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