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Eyes are a type of foe in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


Eyes are bizarre floating creatures with a singular eye in the center of their generally spherical bodies. Four smaller spheres orbit around the main body. Their origins are unknown, but they are presumably created or animated by magic.

Eyes are normally found in rocky or burned areas like Rock Lake and Ashwood Forest, but certain species can also be encountered in other areas that suit their elemental affinity.


Eyes can attack players by bashing them with their spherical appendages. They are also able to use some magic corresponding to their element. Most Eyes can buff several stats of either themselves or another enemy. Other than that, Eyes are not very challenging foes; Syphon tends to be an effective way to shut down their most annoying abilities.

All Eyes share a weakness to Bomb. Their other resistances and weaknesses vary, but most also resist Earth and are weak to Wind. All Eyes are immune to Poison.


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