• Frozen Eye
  • Angel Eye
  • Ancient Eye

Eyes are a type of foe in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They are bizarre creatures with round bodies orbited by four smaller objects, presumably created by magic. They can attack by striking enemies with their orbiting spheres and by casting various types of magic.

Holy Eye/Angel Eye

The holy eye uses Holy, Wind, and healing spells.

Frozen Eye

The frozen eye attacks with Ice attacks and spells.

Ancient Eye

The ancient eye attacks by Syphoning the players and decreasing their magical attack power, and other non-elemental attacks.


The holy eyes are best to be taken care of quickly, to stop them from healing enemies. If you rely on Natalie, the ancient eye is also an enemy best to be taken care of quickly, or you will find Natalie syphoned more times than you can count. The frozen eyes are not dangerous at all if you have good resistance to freeze and/or ice. A good way to take care of the holy eye is with dark spells, the frozen eye with fire and bomb, the ancient eye with thunder and bomb skills.


  • Usually flying enemies have superior evade, however Eyes do not.
  • Unlike the other eyes, Holy Eye doesn't have an eye.
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