FF Battle

Final Fantasy Battle
Final Fantasy Battle

FF Battle is a Flash animation created by Matt Roszak in 2005. A sequel to No Name, it features Matt and his friend Cat teaming up to fight Ninja Pirate, Freeze, and Goku. The format of the "battle" (involving ATB meters and such) is similar to the gameplay of the earlier entries in the Final Fantasy series, hence the name.

The animation uses music from Final Fantasy VI, beginning with the standard battle theme, switching to the standard boss battle theme when the final battle begins, and using the victory theme when the results are decided. The sound effects are taken from Little Fighter 2.


After the title and a claim that the ensuing events are "based on a true story", the scene opens on Matt and Cat facing the Ninja Pirate. Matt uses a basic sword attack while Cat casts Fire 3; the latter knocks the Ninja Pirate down, but he quickly jumps to his feet and retaliates by hurling a Shuriken into Cat's face. On his next turn, Matt uses Jump and leaps off-screen, leaving a nervous Cat to be slashed by the Ninja Pirate's katana. Down to 4 HP, Cat uses Cure 4 to fully heal herself as Matt comes back down with a hard hit to the Ninja Pirate. The latter launches a Star Shower of shuriken, hitting both of his opponents twice and missing with the other two; the assault triggers Matt's Counter-Attack, which finishes off the Ninja Pirate with a devastating blow.

The Ninja Pirate has barely faded away when Freeze drops in to continue the battle; not wasting any time, Cat fires off an Ultima. The blast briefly sends Freeze off-screen, but he swiftly returns and casts Ice 3 on Cat; luckily for her, Matt jumps in to take the blow. His subsequent Counter-Attack misses the mark, but this angers him enough to use Renzokuken, striking Freeze with a fatal flurry of slashes and stabs.

With Freeze vaporized, Matt and Cat's final opponent makes his appearance: the dreaded Goku. Once again, Cat takes the opening move, but her Holy spell barely even tickles the Super Saiyan before she's blown away by a 99,999-damage Kamehameha. Fortunately, the attack somehow missed an astounded Matt, but he's still badly damaged by the subsequent off-screen explosion (which hits Cat for another 99,999 damage); this prompts another Counter-Attack, but Goku simply catches the thrown sword and takes it for his own without so much as a scratch. Frustrated, Matt casts Auto-Life on himself, allowing him to endure Goku's subsequent Kamehameha and rejoin the fight by summoning the Zanmato sword. After a furious clash, the two combatants slash each other simultaneously, dealing 99,999 damage to each other and leaving Matt dead on the grass. Seemingly unfazed by the blow he just took, Goku gives his fallen adversary a final "LOL"...and then the true effect of the Zanmato becomes evident, slicing his body clean in half.

With Goku's defeat, the lifeless Matt receives his reward for the intense battle: 11 EXP, 4 Gil, and a Potion. The screen then fades to black and the credits roll.

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