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Fallen are an enemy family introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Fallen are animated suits of armor with their hands and head floating slightly away from their bodies. Their faces (if any) are obscured by their helmets; at most, all that can be seen are their glowing eyes. They carry a large weapon in their right hand - often a sword, but some carry other weapons instead - which is used as their overworld sprite.

Based on their bestiary entries, Fallen are actually the spirits of deceased warriors possessing suits of armor. Their hostility may stem from the trauma of death and reanimation.

Fallen are found in a wide variety of areas starting from the mid-game, such as Rainbow River and the Frozen Valley.


Fallen are mid-tier foes that can use an assortment of skills, largely physical and centered around one or two elements. They're smart enough to avoid using attacks the players resist; many of them also have a unique trait, such as the Burned Fallen being able to apply Haste or the Crucified Fallen being able to apply Enchanted.

Fallen are affected by equipment that scares ghost-like enemies, but the outcome is dependent on their HP. If the Fallen's HP is below 49%, it will Flee; if it is above 49% HP, it will go Berserk.

All Fallen are immune to Thunder and resist Bomb, and almost all of them absorb Dark and resist Ice. On the other hand, all but the Crucified Fallen are weak to Holy, and most of them are neutral or weak to Water.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Fallen are similar to Clays, being armored humanoids with diverse elements that use both weapons and magic in battle.
  • It is unclear if the Fallen died in the manner implied by their names, or if this is just a means to identify their elemental affinity.
  • The Fallen family was originally designed by Feline (aka commandergrunt). In addition to early concepts of the Lost, Drowned, Crucified, and Beheaded Fallen, Feline also designed three additional types: a dark blue Fallen with curled horns on its silver helmet and a staff with a large green crystal for a head, a gun-wielding Fallen with a bandaged head, a black fedora and a matching poncho, and a gold-and-red Fallen wielding two katanas. Feline also depicted the Lost Fallen as wielding a hammer, and the Beheaded Fallen as carrying a cleaver-like sword in one hand and its own head in the other.
    • A compilation of the concept art can be found hanging on a wall near Natalie's prison in the Iron Fortress, next to a similar piece depicting the Doll family.