Fire is an element in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is the embodiment of heat and its namesake, with fire-elemental attacks typically consisting of a burst of fire, explosives, or a blast of pure heat.


Fire element is one of the most common elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. All party members short of Anna and NoLegs have a fire-elemental skill in their base skillset. Fire is associated with the Burn, Dry and to a lesser extent Berserk status effects. Fire is typically effective against "organic" foes derived from plant or animals, as well as being effective against ice-based foes. Many aquatic foes, as well as those that are made out of machinery or otherwise made of rock, metal and the like are resistant to fire.

Fire damage is boosted by 50% when the target has Dry (EBF5) applied to it, and weakened by 50% when Wet (EBF4 and later) is present.


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Male Hats

  • Knight Helmet: -10% resistance (EBF3) / -30% resistance (EBF4)
  • Dragon Helm: 50% resistance (at lvl 5)
  • Demon Skull: -50% resistance
  • Headband: 10% (lvl 1) 20% (lvl 2) 30% (lvl 3) 40% (lvl 4) and 50% resistance at level 5.

Male Armor

Female Hats

Female Armor

  • Flame Skirt: 10% (lvl 1) 20% (lvl 2) 30% (lvl 3) 40% (lvl 4) and 50% resistance at level 5.
  • Red Dress: 10% (lvl 1) 20% (lvl 2) 30% (lvl 3) 40% (lvl 4) and 50% resistance at level 5.
  • Breastplate: -30%


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4



  • Magmaball: Casts Fire rain, deals fire damage to all foes.

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