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"*not sure if I can eat this type of fish*"
―NoLegs, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Fishes (also known as Mecha Fish or Fishbots) are a family of enemies in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5


Fishes are mid-sized robots resembling fish (possibly stylized bass) with large mouths and no visible eyes. They have thrusters on their tails and sides; the former seem to be used for propulsion, while the latter can rotate on their axes for steering and hovering.

Fishes are mostly found in industrial areas like the Waste Disposal Plant or the Iron Fortress, but some can be found in late-game areas like the Temple of Godcat or Redpine Town.


Fishes are mid-tier foes with above-average Evade due to their flying nature. They attack players by flying into them, often having a dash attack that hits one player for moderate physical damage (also buffing their Evade in EBF4); many are also equipped with advanced weaponry such as missiles, machine guns, and laser cannons.

When a Fish is killed, its side thrusters break off and fly away, only to land on a random party member and explode. This counts as an attack that can damage the targeted player; in EBF4, it is always Mini Missiles, but EBF5 gives each type of Fish a unique attack. In EBF4, this final attack will not hit if the Fish is destroyed at the very end of the wave; in EBF5, it can be prevented if the Fish is suffering from Syphon or is Stunned when killed.

As flying mechanical foes, Fishes are immune to Earth and Bio, as well as the Poison and Virus status effects. They're all weak to Wind, and many models have additional weaknesses to Bomb and/or Thunder; on the other hand, some Fishes actually absorb the latter elements, so Wind attacks are usually the most efficient means of taking down multiple Fish types at once.


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