Notice: EBF5-related data is based off of the public beta, v0.16, and may change later.
  • Usual flair positions on male characters.
  • Usual flair positions on female characters, EBF4.
  • Usual flair positions on female characters, EBF5.

Flairs are a type of equipment in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5. Flairs typically appear as a variety of small trinkets and badges worn over the character's clothing, with their position on the character based on which flair slot they are equipped in; in EBF5, the category was expanded to feature familiars (which fly near the character) and miscellaneous effects like a painting on the face, which appear at the same spot in any slot.

Unlike other equips, up to 3 flairs can be equipped simultaneously by each party member; they also cannot be upgraded further than to level 3, as opposed to level 5 of other types of equipment, but have lower item requirements for upgrades. Their bonuses tend to be lesser than of other equipment, though several have unique effects not found anywhere else.

Common effects

Most flairs can be categorized into specific groups based on their properties, though some would fit into several groups at once:

  • Resistance — Offers an elemental and one or two status resistance(s) associated with the element.
  • Stat boost — Offers a stat boost, usually only for one stat and not that strong.
  • Auto status — Has a chance to inflict a positive status on the user at the beginning of players' turn, except the starter turn of the battle.
  • Summon — Has a chance to activate a summon for free at the beginning of players' turn, including the first turn. (This group became almost extinct in EBF5.)
  • Status override — Overrides chosen weapon's status effect. Notes:
    • Stat debuffs (technically a separate slot) and other special effects are unaffected and will still work.
    • When several flairs of this type are equipped, only the leftmost one's status works.
    • Contrary to what the in-game description implies, the weapon doesn't necessarily need an inherent status for the flair to take effect.
    • These are best used in advanced strategies, such as enabling a weapon to inflict a certain status effect to an enemy that resists the element of the skills normally associated with the status effect.
  • Defend upgrade — Exclusive to EBF5, they inflict a positive status or a buff when the Defend tactic is used (but don't trigger when the Defend status is obtained from other sources). This effect typically unlocks only when the flair is maxed. This group often overlaps with Auto status, providing a non-random way to get the same status.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


There are 36 flairs in total, 4 of which are exclusive to the Steam release of the game and the Premium Pack.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

EBF5 Flairs Free

All flairs in the free version.

EBF5 Flairs

All flairs in the paid version.

There are 37 flairs in total, 4 of which are currently exclusive to the paid Steam release and the outdated free Battle Demo.

Unlike in EBF4, paid flairs aren't the very last in the list, but their slots will automatically be skipped on free versions of the game. The following list is based on the full version.

  • Tentacle — Boosts Defence and Magic Defence. May summon Tentacles. Resists Stun.
  • Peace Badge — Boosts Defence. Overrides weapon's status with Weaken. Resists Weaken and Tired.
  • Crossbone Pin — Overrides weapon's status with Curse. Resists Curse, Bad Luck, Instant Death and Doom.
  • Chrome Earrings — Overrides weapon's status with Freeze. Resists Ice.
  • Amethyst Earrings — Overrides weapon's status with Dispel. Resists Dispel.
  • Emerald Earrings — Overrides weapon's status with Poison. Resists Bio.
  • Fat Fly — Overrides weapon's status with Doom. May summon Fly Bomb (level 3). Resists Bio and Dark.
  • Fake MustacheSteals items with single-target melee attacks. Resists Ice.
  • Big Eyebrows — Resists Stun, Stagger, Confuse, Instant Death and Doom.
  • Small Cloud — Boosts HP. Increases the amount SP received when the user defeats a foe. Resists Water.

  • Cat Tail — Boosts Evade. Upgrades Defend with Evade buff (level 3). Resists Dark.
  • Mini Drone — Boosts Accuracy. Improves user's chance of catching foes. Resists Earth and Bomb.
  • Sword Medal (Premium only) — Boosts Attack.
  • Shield Medal (Premium only) — Boosts Defence.
  • Gold Star (Premium only) — Boosts Magic Attack.
  • Platinum Star (Premium only) — Boosts Magic Defence.
  • Heart Pendant — Boosts Defence and Magic Defence. May give Lovable. Upgrades Defend with Lovable (level 3). Resists Instant Death and Doom.


  • The Tr*force flair is a direct reference to the Triforce, the legendary magical artifact from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • The Fr*ezie Badge is a direct reference to the Freezie, a recurring foe in the Mario Bros. series.
  • The P*chu Sticker references Pichu of Pokémon fame, as well as the Pichu summon from the original Epic Battle Fantasy.
  • The Silver Cross resembles the necklace of Misato Katsuragi, a character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.