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Flowers are an enemy class in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5.


Flowers are large, colourful flowering plants spawned by Rafflesia. They all have a thick, segmented, green stem/vine with a single green leaf, several colorful petals, and a central stamen that seems to be used for their attacks or skills.

In EBF4, Flowers appear throughout Lankyroot Jungle, but the majority are encountered in the final section before the battle with Rafflesia (after the party leaves the Lava Cave). While initially absent in EBF5, the v2 update reintroduced Flowers as foes in the Data Bunker's first EBF4 simulation.


Flowers generally specialize in using status effects to debilitate the party and support the enemy wave, but they can also submerge into the ground to attack players with powerful bulb blasts. They lose access to most of their skills when afflicted with Syphon or Berserk, but many of them can still use a physical attack to defend themselves.

All Flowers are vulnerable to Wind and many are weak to Fire, but most absorb Water.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

All Flowers were introduced in the v2 update as part of the EBF4 simulations in the Data Bunker.


  • The Florn's petal attack is similar to the Pokémon move "Razor Leaf". The Stunflower's Solar Beam is also a Pokémon move, and the party will comment on it the first time they see the Stunflower charging up. Another one of the Stunflower's moves, Stun Spore, seems to also be a reference to the Pokémon move of the same name. Natalie comments on this the first time it is used.
  • All the Flowers' names are portmanteaus of two words, usually combining a flower-related word with a description of their appearance or powers.
    • Flower + Thorn = Florn
    • Sunflower + Stun = Stunflower
    • Heal + Daisy = Heasy
    • Freeze + Rose = Frose
    • Rainbow + Bloom = Rainbloom