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Flybots are a family of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They first appeared in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, but wouldn't gain any new members until Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Flybots are mechanical drones with a spherical body about two-thirds as large as a human (at least in-game). They have a propeller on top of their body which allows them to hover through the air, a circular lens on the front that serves as an eye, and a pair of cylindrical, turbine-like arms on their sides. Many variants have weapons built into their arms, such as spikes, drills, and giant plugs.

Flybots are usually found in industrial areas, like the Waste Disposal Plant or the Iron Fortress. Depending on the game, their actual purpose differs; according to their Bestiary entries, they're usually used for maintenance or scouting.


With the exception of the Drill Bot (who's mostly offensive), Flybots perform a supportive role in combat, hitting the party with annoying status effects. They are most notable for their Recycle ability, which inverts the target's buffs. Because of this, while they are not particularly dangerous alone, they are important to take out as soon as possible when grouped with strong foes. They also have marginally higher-than-average Evade.

All Flybots are weak to Bomb, with most of them being weak to Water and Thunder. Conversely, they are immune to Earth and resist Bio; they also resist Stun, Syphon and Death while being immune to Poison and Virus.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 5, when captured and used as summons, Flybots use Recycle to invert buffs and debuffs; the main difference is who they target.


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  • Flybots have certain similarities to Defenders, being families of mechanical foes that were initially unique until EBF5. Their variants introduced in EBF5 have color-coded counterparts with each other (e.g. Blue Flybot and Bubbler MX-01). However, while Defenders are heavily offensive and rarely appear in more than pairs, Flybots are primarily support-based foes that frequently appear in groups of three or more per wave.