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Forger343, also known as Forger, is a composer who wrote the soundtrack for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection versions of Epic Battle Fantasy and Mecha Dress Up Game.

Forger wrote an "Imagined Soundtrack" for Epic Battle Fantasy in early 2020; some time later it was picked to be used in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection rework of the game.

Soundtracks provided

Epic Battle Fantasy Collection


  • On his Twitter page, he currently confirms himself to be asexual.
  • According to his bandcamp, Forger343 is currently based in New Haven, Connecticut (USA), though his Twitter and Newgrounds bases him at "Vizley", a reference to a town in Monster Rancher 4.
  • He is currently 26 according to his Newgrounds page, with his birthday being in 1995.
  • He is both a cat and a dog person.