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For the similarly named location in EBF4, see Lost Ruins.

The Forgotten Ruins are an optional location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


The Forgotten Ruins are the long-decayed remains of an ancient civilization on the steppes of the mountains north of Hope Harbor and the Mystic Woods. Most of it has been reclaimed by nature, leaving only a single intact temple and a few scattered bits of architecture amid the grass and trees.

While there is still a lot of treasure to be claimed around the ruins, most of it is hidden behind various puzzles and obstacles. The latter includes cloud paths that can only be traversed with the Winged Boots (conveniently found in the same area), rocks that can be broken with the Hammer, dirt balls to remove with the Shovel, and blocks that need to pushed around to make a clear path to treasure chests. There are also nine pedestals arranged in a 3x3 formation in the northwestern corner of the ruins; each can have a Jungle Flower placed on it. By putting flowers on the pedestals in specific patterns, treasure chests will be revealed. The patterns are revealed on stone blocks found around the rest of the map, specifically:

Forgotten Temple

The Forgotten Temple is the one intact building in the Forgotten Ruins. It is found in the northeastern corner of the ruins, and contains four chests protected by Diamond Blocks; these require matching Keys to bypass. It also has an intricate sigil on the floor, surrounded by three pedestals. If the player finds the Sacred Jewels hidden around the world and places them on the pedestals, the sigil will activate, opening the way to the Secret World.


The enemies in the Forgotten Ruins are mainly Earth, Wind, and Holy-based.


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