"Freeze is probably the most devastating status effect there is."
―Anna upon using Frost Arrow, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Freeze
Matt frozen

Matt, EBF2

Frozen wraith

Flame Wraith, EBF4

Freeze is a recurring negative status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. It is associated with the Ice element. It can be identified by the target being encased in ice, and (in EBF4) by a blue crystal over the victim's head. It prevents the affected from taking turns and dodging incoming attacks, and increases damage from the next hit they receive, which cancels Freeze.

The status cannot be removed by skills like Purify, requiring the victim to be damaged or healed to break Freeze, or to wait until ice melts down on its own (EBF2 does not show the timer). Most games also allow players to unfreeze by catching an item or by jumping off the screen during intro animation of certain summons and Limit Breaks.


  • Damage boost doesn't impact any sort of healing.
  • If the attack that inflicted Freeze is absorbed, Freeze is immediately cancelled by the heal.
  • When Natalie is Frozen, her chest would still jiggle upon clicking.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  • Damage taken while Frozen is increased by 50%.
  • Freeze is not yet available for players to use.
  • When Frozen, around-the-head indicators of inflicted statuses and (de)buffs turn invisible. Stats can still be viewed from the Help menu.
  • Defend still takes effect when Frozen.

For players, Freeze can be cured with:

  • Damaging or healing the affected, including Poison.
  • "Forced" movement, such as catching items (except Mystery Potion's status potion and buff potion effects), intro animations of Beholder and Meow Meow summons, and cheering after clearing a wave.
  • Waiting a number of turns.

Skill bonuses providing resistance against Freeze:

  • Fiery Spirit — Grants Freeze immunity.
  • Immunity for Natalie — Grants 50% chance to dodge any bad status effect or stat debuff, independent of their infliction chance.
  • Immunity x2 for Natalie — Grants actual immunity to all bad statuses and debuffs.

Enemy attacks that can cause Freeze:

  • Cooler's cold cloud — 30% (100% on Epic) chance, 2x length, 3 hits, targets both players.
  • Cooler's freezing laser — 100% chance, 3x length.
  • Giga Golem's Blizzard — 100% chance, 3x length.
  • Glacier Eater's snowflakes — 2% chance and 3x length for first 6 hits, 50% (80% on Epic) chance and 4x length for the final 7th hit.
  • Ice Bit's crystal stab — 10% (60% on Epic) chance, 3x length.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  • Damage taken while Frozen is doubled.
  • Freeze is still not yet available for players to use.
  • In this game, Freeze will last forever until distrupted — the players won't unfreeze by simply waiting a number of turns.
  • Freeze cancels Defend.

For players, Freeze can be cured with:

  • Damaging (including cases when damage is nullified by elemental resistance, as well as Poison) or healing the affected.
  • "Forced" movement in form of catching items.
  • Winning/fleeing from the battle.

Equipment providing resistance against Freeze:

Enemy attacks that can cause Freeze:

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Stats before the Battle Mountain update are listed in brackets.
  • Damage taken while Frozen is doubled.
  • Players afflicted cannot be switched out.
  • When afflicted by Wet, the affected is twice as likely to get Frozen.
  • When Frozen, Burn and Poison will not cause damage, yet continue to tick down.
  • Freeze does cancel Defend, but doesn't remove its icon — it'll vanish on its own next time icons are updated.

Freeze is available to players through the following skills and equipment:

For players, Freeze can be cured with:

Equipment providing resistance against Freeze:

Enemy attacks that can cause Freeze:


  • With Freeze unavailable to players until EBF4, Ice-elemental weapons sometimes resorted to using the Stun status as a substitute. This is the case for EBF2 Blizzard sword's Unleash and EBF3 Arctic Wind staff.
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