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"Ice and magma...in the same dungeon? What sort of trickery is this?"
―Matt upon entering the Freezeflame Dungeon, EBF5

The Freezeflame Dungeon is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the first bonus dungeon available to players and one of the keys to unlocking the Temple of Trials.


The Freezeflame Dungeon is fittingly named; it is a network of caverns with two very different environments, separated by a long chasm. A pair of wooden bridges allow travel between the two sides.

The western side appears to be an extension of the adjacent Ice Cave, with blue-tinted stone dotted with numerous ice formations. There are two slip-and-slide puzzles in this section; one involves maneuvering ice blocks onto "X" marks, while the other involves sliding around a frozen floor to reach treasure chests.

The eastern side is a fiery area made of black, grey, and dark red stone. There are a number of small volcanoes scattered around, as well as a massive lake of lava in the northeastern corner - metal walkways and platforms allow people to traverse the latter. The main puzzle in this side of the dungeon involves moving small and large stone blocks to create a path to a group of three treasure chests.

By following the paths on each side of the Freezeflame Dungeon, the party can find and activate switches to a pair of gates at the center of the area. Once both gates are opened, they can travel north along a grated metal walkway to a large metal platform where two fearsome giants with a grudge await.


The Freezeflame Dungeon is unsurprisingly occupied by a number of Ice and Fire-based creatures, the former in the west and the latter in the east. The western half also features some cats while the eastern half has some Earth-based foes and Blood Bats. Interestingly, both halves of the dungeon have Slime Bunnies in one wave.

The boss fight of the Freezeflame Dungeon is against the Cyclops Sisters, Sól and Skadi. Uniquely among bosses, their battle has two slightly different variations; depending on which one you approached to begin the fight, the weather conditions will be fire or ice-themed.

West Side

East Side


The Freezeflame Dungeon can be reached through a tunnel in the middle of the Ice Cave; as with all bonus dungeons in EBF5, it is marked with a cat-themed Jolly Roger on a black and red flag.

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  • The Freezeflame Dungeon shares a name and aesthetic with the Freezeflame Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.