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The Frozen Valley is an area in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the penultimate area visited by the party (counting The Rapture's many parts as one), and is traversed in order to get to Redpine Town. It is a valley of glaciers that is home to Poseidon, the vengeful sea god.


Prior to the events of the game, the Frozen Valley was almost completely frozen over. It seems that it was a massive series of glaciers or something to that effect; after the Great Impact that created The Rapture, it started to melt. Presumably, meltwater from the Frozen Valley feeds the Rainbow River before it flows out into The Great Sea.

The Frozen Valley is a massive expanse of freshly-thawed tundra, littered with frozen ground and various ice formations, some man-made and some natural. It has a lake and river running through it, which then feed into the Rainbow River. It also has innumerable penguins, and some previously unknown ruins have been exposed due to the melting.

The main puzzles in the Frozen Valley are Slip-and-Slide puzzles across expanses of frozen ground, sometimes requiring blocks to be pushed into position to help the player reach treasure. Near the end of the area, they can acquire Spiked Boots to bypass the sliding puzzles and backtrack to retrieve the treasure they may have missed.

After the defeat of Poseidon, a Glitch Area will appear in the south of the Frozen Valley. After the v2 update, a secret exit in the western side of the valley leads to a hidden passageway and an Arcade.


The majority of foes in the Frozen Valley are either Water or Ice-based. There are also notably higher amounts of Mammoths and Monoliths in comparison to previous areas, as well as the game's first Omega Dragon. The party will have their second encounter with Chibi Knight about halfway through the area.


The Frozen Valley is in the southwestern corner of the map, bordered by the Rainbow River. Hope Harbor is to the north, and Redpine Town is to the west.

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  • There are a series of snow sculptures that resemble the Djinn from the Golden Sun game series.