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EBF5 Item Game Child.png
"A video game console now only found in museums."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Game Child is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is a rectangular grey console resembling the original Nintendo Game Boy , with a simple face displayed on its illuminated green screen.

The Game Child is used to upgrade specific electronic or video game-based equipment to their last level. It can be bought at the Material Shops in The Great Sea and Redpine Town for 76,000 gold; 12 are needed for all of the relevant upgrades.

Drop Rate

The Game Child is mainly dropped from powerful robotic foes or ones with a "retro video game" aesthetic.



  • Compared to its inspiration, the Game Child seems to have a slightly larger screen and four buttons instead of five.
  • The Pixel Popper is the only piece of equipment in EBF5 that requires more than one Game Child for forging.