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"Wasps' mission in life is to mess your day up. That's literally all they do. They don't even pollinate flowers!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Giant Insects (also known as Bees or Wasps) are a recurring group of foes in the Epic Battle Fantasy series


Giant Insects appear as flying insectoid creatures which resemble wasps, though some species also feature moth-esque features. Aside from these differences, all Giant Insect species have the same general design; they sport huge eyes, a pair of antennae, wings, and legs (minus the Purple Wasp, which is legless).

Giant Insects are usually found in forested areas such as Vegetable Forest, Ashwood Forest, and Lankyroot Jungle, though certain species also appear in more desolate areas like Kitten Kingdom Ruins and Volcano Peak.


Giant Insects are mid-tier foes that can be encountered anywhere from the first stages up to near the end of their respective games. They're not particularly powerful but, as with all flying enemies, they have above-average evade, so it is generally a good idea to either debuff their evade or buff your party's accuracy.

The Giant Insects' main claim to fame is their ability to inflict debuffs and status effects with their attacks, which may leave your party members vulnerable to other foes' attacks. Depending on the species, these effects can include defense/magic defense debuffs, accuracy debuffs, Poison, Stun, and Syphon. The Purple Wasp in particular has the unique ability to heal other foes, making it the only type of Giant Insect to have a support role. Also worth noting is that in EBF4 only, every Giant Insect species except the Purple Wasp was given the ability to summon more Giant Insects.

Fortunately, Giant Insects are fairly easy to dispose of due to having several elemental weaknesses. These weaknesses vary slightly among the different species, but the most common ones include Fire, Thunder, Wind, and Holy.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Both members of the Giant Insect family (EBF2 incarnation) seen in EBF5 were added in the v2 update.


  • Natalie appears to be afraid of Giant Insects; she immediately insists that the party kill them when she first encounters them in EBF3, and occasionally screams in apparent fear when she is attacked by one.
  • Despite their names, none of the Giant Insects appear to be the species their name suggests. The Yellow Wasp has oversized mandibles, the Purple Wasp appears to be a butterfly, the Red Wasp has what appear to be butterfly wings on its otherwise-accurate bee body, and the Black Wasp does not appear to correspond to any known insect (likely due to mutation).
  • It is possible that all of the areas where Giant Insects are fought have a single hive that is the source of the insects. This makes sense because they fight well together, are very similar in appearance, and resemble hive creatures.
  • In EBF4, the different types of Giant Insects make up the seventh wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.