The Giga Golem is a boss encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. It appears in Stage 12, at the end of the frozen beach/tundra.


The Giga Golem appears as a large humanoid made of gray and black stone. The gray stone makes up its left arm, the left half of its chest and the left side of its head, while the black stone makes up the rest of its body, legs, head, and right arm. Its left arm is a large, club-like appendage dotted with spiky blue crystals, while its right arm is a crude sword dotted with glowing orange craters. A large crystal sits in the center of its body, which switches between red and blue depending on the Giga Golem's current element.


The Giga Golem is capable of delivering devastating physical attacks, smashing its targets with its oversized arms and creating earthquakes to stagger multiple enemies at once. It can also perform some magic spells, including a Fire-based explosion and a freezing blast of icy wind. It can also summon Bits and change its own element from Fire to Ice and back, shifting some of its weaknesses and resistances around.


If you haven't already done so, make sure to Scan both of the Giga Golem's forms to help track its weaknesses. Some useful skills to have before the battle include:

  • Matt: Aerial Support, Secret Weapon, Counter, Arctic Wind, Sword Heart, Cat Tamer, Cat Warrior, Survivor, and any skills that increase his stats when hit with a powerful attack.
  • Natalie: Elementalist, Thunderclap, Magic Counter, Healer, Bunny!!!, Angel, and any skills that increase her stats when hit with a powerful attack.

For the actual battle, your first priority should be dealing with the floating Bits summoned by the boss. If it's a Fire Bit, you should target it for immediate elimination - its suicide attack will likely bring your characters into KO range for the Giga Golem. If it's an Ice Bit, on the other hand, you can probably get away with stunning it via Unleash or Thunderbolt; not only do you keep it contained, but you prevent the Giga Golem from summoning more Bits when it switches elements.

For the Giga Golem itself, you should prioritize defence over offence; keep the defences (Defence buffs via Protect, Magic Defence buffs via Barrier, Regen status via Slime Bunny) up as much as possible. The Golem usually performs two physical attacks before casting a magic attack and changing its element on its third turn. Although you can switch Matt's swords to keep up with the changes, a more efficient method is to constantly cast Airstrike; both of the Giga Golem's forms are vulnerable to Bomb-element, and you might pick off the Bits in the process.


  • The Giga Golem's inspired the design of Golems appearing in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.
  • The Crystal Golem boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 has many similarities to the Giga Golem. Both are the second boss of their respective games, both have spiky crystals on their bodies and oversized front limbs, and both can switch between multiple elements (with the change being indicated by the color of a large crystal in the middle of their bodies).
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