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Glacier Valley boss, Tundra Mammoth

Glacier Valley is the fourth area in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, after Rock Lake and before Kitten Kingdom Ruins. It is a cold, snowy environment with predominately ice-based enemies. In contrast, Glacier Valley also contains an underground volcano, which affects parts of the map, generating fire-based enemies as well. The boss of the area is the Tundra Mammoth, which absorbs Ice attacks but it is weak against Fire ones.

Ice Sculptures

  • The top left and top middle sections only have a stray snow cat. All sections but the lower left have at least one snow cat.
  • In the upper-right section there is a collection of four snow-cats right above the log pile
  • In the middle-right section there are three snow bunnies with leaf ears below the short tree. There is also a small cat with a fez perched on a large tree.
  • There is a snow sculpture depicting four heroes of some sort defending a castle in the lower right section. This is possibly a reference to Castle Crashers. There is also a snow rabbit and a snow cat in the rocks to the right.
  • The lower middle section has a Pichu-esque sculpture placed dead center in the middle of the screen, while a Kirby sculpture is placed over to the right edge of the screen. Snow cat on the far left.
  • The bottom left section of the screen has an actual snowman in the center of the screen. There is a dog sculpture on the right side of the screen and additional snow rabbits atop the left igloo.
  • The middle left section has a snow cat on the left side. It also has four snow sculptures depicting what appear to be the Warriors of Light (aesthetically but also alluded to by the dialogue while walking by the sculpture for the first time) from the original Final Fantasy: (from right to left) the Warrior/Fighter, the White Mage, the Thief and the Black Mage.


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