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Gloops are a family of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Gloops are slimy black creatures that use tree stumps and rock formations as a makeshift suit of armor, supported by several small legs of wood or stone. Their true bodies are visible through a jagged crack at the center of their "shell," exposing two small white eyes and a pair of thin arms. Their bodies appear to be amorphous, as they can briefly retract their arms and manifest a large, club-like appendage to strike players.

Gloops can be found in a variety of environments pertaining to their elements, but they seem to prefer caves and barren areas. It is hinted in-game that they were spawned from the excessive waste produced by the Iron Fortress.


Gloops are mid-tier foes who can attack players with their arms to deal low Dark damage. They also have a few skills corresponding to their element. Most notably, all Gloops have a defensive ability that gives them stat buffs or beneficial statuses.

All Gloops are weak to Holy, absorb Dark, and resist Bio. Many Gloops are weak to status effects such as Burn, Freeze, Wet, and Dry.

Stumpy, Roasted, and Fabulous Gloops are affected by equipment that scares trees. Stumpy and Roasted Gloops will Surrender, while Fabulous Gloops will go Berserk.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • Some of the collectible Monster Cards introduced in EBF5's v2 update depict other forms of Gloop; namely, a Potted Gloop (Card 11), a Crystal Gloop (Card 12), and a Sandstone Gloop (Card 13).
    • Noting that the name "Crystal Gloop" was the beta name for what we know as the "Hardy Gloop".