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―Goku's first line in No Name

Goku (known as Roku in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection) appears as a recurring antagonist in the early works of Matt Roszak; so far, he has appeared as the final boss of Epic Battle Fantasy and Brawl Royale. He originally appeared at the end of No Name (where he killed everyone). Matt later killed him in the events of FF Battle; since then, he has appeared in the form of a zombie.


Goku's profile in Epic Battle Fantasy's art gallery

In No Name and FF Battle, Goku appears in a classic Super Saiyan form, with blue eyes and spiky golden hair. He wears an orange and blue gi outfit with King Kai's symbol emblazoned on its front (due to the simplified art style, it is unclear if this is meant to be Roku's classic appearance or a slightly modified outfit for the purposes of the animations).

After his death in FF Battle, Goku returns in the form of a zombified Super Saiyan 3. His golden hair has become much longer, reaching all the way down his back. His undead state has given him gray skin, blank white eyes, and a mouthful of sharp fangs. He wears a red shirt with a nuclear symbol on it, a matching red scarf with tattered ends, a blue jacket bearing the Capsule Corporation's logo on the sleeves, black jeans, and red shoes. He has two paper talismans nailed to his body (one on his forehead, and the other on the end of his scarf), and yellow lightning periodically crackles around his body.

In Epic Battle Fantasy, Zombie Goku is largely similar to his Brawl Royale appearance. However, he is significantly worse for the wear after his previous defeat; his entire chest has been torn open, exposing his ribs and leaving parts of his intestines hanging out, part of his spinal column is visibly protruding from his back, a bone is sticking out of his right arm, and the left side of his face is missing most of its skin, leaving bloody red flesh exposed (oddly, this includes part of his hair). His outfit is largely unchanged, save for a few more pentagram talismans dotted around his body and dirty white bandages wrapped around both of his forearms. He now wields Anarchy, a jagged black sword with a red pentagram etched onto its blocky handguard, and is accompanied by a Duskull (who's erroneously referred to as Cubone), which appears to control him with ethereal golden threads connecting its hands to parts of his body.

In the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection, Roku's appearance remains unchanged in both Brawl Royale and Epic Battle Fantasy. However, the Duskull that appeared in the latter has been replaced by Duskmask, a similar creature with a red body and a curly, cowlick-like protrusion over the white, beaked mask serving as its face. A pinprick red light can be seen in each of the mask's eye sockets, unlike Duskull, which only had one large eye.


No Name

In this animation, Goku appears after Black Waltz kills Freeze, literally flying circles around the remaining combatants (Black Waltz and Matt). He then obliterated his opponents with a mighty Kamehameha, supposedly destroying the Earth. It is unclear how future games and animations are meant to occur given the ending of this animation; either the Earth was restored somehow, other games take place on other planets, or this animation is simply not canon (Which is highly likely.)

FF Battle

Goku again appears as the final enemy in FF Battle, appearing to challenge Matt and Kat after they overcome Black Waltz and Freeze once more. He kills Kat and steals Matt's sword, prompting the latter to summon the Zanmato sword to battle Goku. After a furious exchange of blows, Goku knocks Matt unconscious, only to be bisected himself by the aftermath of Matt's attack.

Pre-death (in FF Battle)

Brawl Royale

This game sees Goku's first appearance as a zombie and a final boss. He attempts to kill Matt with a powerful energy attack, but Matt outdraws him and cuts him in half vertically, releasing a burst of power that seemingly destroys the planet (again).

Epic Battle Fantasy

Goku appears as the main antagonist and final boss once again. After recovering (in a fashion) from his latest defeat, Goku took up residence in a haunted graveyard, waiting for Matt and Natalie to arrive so he could kill Matt for beating him twice before.

After a fierce battle, Matt and Natalie finally overcome the zombified Goku, seemingly destroying him for good. However, Goku's explosive death throes release massive amounts of gamma radiation, ravaging the planet and setting the stage for Epic Battle Fantasy 2.

Other Appearances

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

In Epic Battle Fantasy 5, Goku (now under the name Roku) reappears for the first time in nearly 10 years, now completely human, and as a NPC. He initiates a chain quest to obtain Star Balls from other NPCs after one of Lance's straggler blew up his house (and presumably killed himself). After receiving the quest items, he wished for a lot of gold instead of a new house, much to the annoyance of the main characters.


Epic Battle Fantasy

Zombie Goku EBF
Wave Stat HP.png Stat Attack.png Stat Defence.png Stat Magic.png Stat Mdef.png
23 400000
1 1 1 1
EBF3 Skill Eruption.png EBF3 Skill Fireball.png EBF3 Skill Thunderbolt.png EBF3 Skill Iceshard.png EBF3 Skill Quake.png EBF3 Skill Seiken.png EBF3 Skill Judgement.png EBF3 Skill Screamer.png EBF3 Skill Airstrike.png
-50% -50% - - - -80% -100% 80% -

In EBF, foe stats are specifically set per wave, thus two foes of the same type may have different stats (resistances will still be the same). See EBF Foe Waves for a list of all foe waves.

Stats in brackets (below/right from actual) are for its pre-EBF Collection update version.

Attacks and Abilities

Epic Battle Fantasy

Attack List
Attack Target Power R.Power Type Status Effect RdF
Punch Single 3400 200 Stat Attack.png Stat Defence.png -- -- -- 10%
Multi-Punch Single 4500/6 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Sword Strike Single 5000 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Unleash Single 5500 -- Attack Defence 100% -- Debuff (status) 10%
Toxic Single 3000 -- Magic Attack Magic Defence 100% 2x Status Poison.png 10%
The Dead All 3000 -- -- Magic Defence 66% 1x Status Poison.png 10%
Notes: Doesn't scale with user stats, but is still reduced by targets' Magic Defence.
Grim Reaper Single 2500 -- Magic Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Seal All 700 -- Attack Magic Defence 100% 3x Status Syphon EBF1.png 10%
Ki Bullets All 3500/7 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Kamehameha All 4800 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Spirit Bomb All 10000 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Notes: The bomb lands on the party the turn after it's cast.

Battle Logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

Epic Battle Fantasy

  • Same turn the Spirit Bomb lands → Punch (1/4), Multi-Punch (1/4), Sword Strike (1/4), Unleash (1/4);
  • HP > 380k*dif (≈84%) → Punch (6/27), Multi-Punch (6/27), Sword Strike (3/27), Unleash (3/27), Toxic (2/27), The Dead (4/27), Seal (3/27);
  • HP > 220k*dif (≈48%) → Multi-Punch (3/27), Sword Strike (6/27), Unleash (3/27), Toxic (1/27), The Dead (2/27), Seal, (3/27), Ki Bullets (6/27), Kamehameha (3/27);
  • HP > 0 → Sword Strike (3/27), Unleash (3/27), Toxic (1/27), The Dead (2/27), Seal (3/27), Ki Bullets (3/27), Kamehameha (6/27), Spirit Bomb (6/27).

* dif is x0.8 on Easy, x1 on Normal, x1.2 on Hard and x1.4 on Epic.

Goku was also supposed to be able to use Grim Reaper, but due to improper coding its usage chance is taken up by The Dead.


Goku's primary weakness is Holy, so have Matt wield Heaven's Gate and cast Seiken while Natalie uses Judgement. However, your primary goal should be keeping your buffs up, in order to reduce the damage Goku inflicts. He'll make things difficult by periodically removing your buffs, Poisoning you, and using Syphon to prevent you from using skills, but Antidotes and Ethers/Max Ethers on hand will help counter these tactics.

As his health drops, Goku will begin using his energy attacks in addition to melee strikes and status-inflicting spells. Keeping up your defenses and HP becomes even more important, but try to cure any lingering Poison effects; not only will the HP drain prove more troublesome with Goku's increased damage output, but the boss will become less prone to using his ailment-inducing magic as the battle goes on, so the chances of being re-poisoned become lower.

At low health, Goku will start using his deadly Spirit Bomb attack. Although it takes a turn to charge up, it effectively gives Goku a double turn in the next round - you'll have a Spirit Bomb dropped on your heads and whatever attack Goku decides to use on his own turn. The best defense against this combo is to Defend after Goku launches the Spirit Bomb - if your HP is high and your defensive buffs are up, you'll usually survive the subsequent assault long enough to recover. Alternately, if Roku's own HP is bottoming out, you can forgo caution and go all-out on him, depleting the rest of his health before his most devastating attack can land.


Recolored Duskmask

  • He is a direct reference from the main character of the Dragon Ball anime. 
    • Goku's name was officially changed to Roku in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection, due to the former being obviously from said franchise and it would create copyright infringement.
  • Goku's sword, Anarchy, is used by Matt in EBF2 and EBF4.
  • Despite zombification, Goku keeps his Super Saiyan transformations.
  • Matt Roszak has posted an alternate form of Zombie Goku in his DeviantArt gallery, which also appeared in Epic Battle Fantasy's Concept Art gallery. This version appears to be Goku immediately after his first death, as he is still a regular Super Saiyan and wearing his orange and blue gi. Other notable details include stitches on his face, arms, and clothes, and a massive cut on his right forearm that has left it barely attached to his upper arm.
  • In EBF3, after being hit by an Ancient Monolith's beam, Matt says "I once knew a guy with golden hair who shot beams like this. That was nasty." This is obviously a reference to Matt's battles with Roku.
  • In EBF4, there is a headstone marking the grave of Son Goku in Graybone Cemetery. The epitaph -"His body couldn't take it"- is a reference to Goku's first use of the Kaioken x3 in Dragon Ball Z - aware of the risks inherent in pushing himself so far, Goku thinks to himself, "I hope my body can take it". 
  • The talisman on Zombie Roku's forehead seems to be a nod to Jiang-shi, also known as "Chinese vampires".
  • In EBF1, the lock of hair hanging over Zombie Roku's face tends to vanish during his combat animations - especially when he is hit or defeated.
  • Both the Skull Ghost and Zombie Goku were unable to use Grim Reaper in the original Epic Battle Fantasy due to oversights in their battle logic, however, while the Skull Ghost's case was fixed with the EBF Collection update (which also changed Grim Reaper to no longer be able to instantly kill), Goku still remains unable to use Grim Reaper after the update; given that Matt was made aware that both enemies suffered from this bug, this was likely a conscious decision.