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Goldenbrick Resort's Slime Cat screen

Goldenbrick Resort is the eighth area in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is a sandy area that harbors the third and final town of the game, as well as the final sacred jewel needed to revive Godcat. It is east of Lankyroot Jungle, and west of the Temple of Godcat.

Its Slime Cat can be found to the right of the jewel pedestal, much like the Slime Cats of Greenwood Village and Whitefall Town.


Goldenbrick Resort's environment is a strange combination of desert and beach. Its northern region (including the cliffs connecting it to Lankyroot Jungle) has the appearance of a beach, with several docks extending over the ocean. The Stepladder Key Item can be found here, enabling the party to cross small gaps (of which there are many at the docks).

Further south, the area becomes more like a desert, with a rustic atmosphere and buildings made of sand-colored stone. Despite this, basic resources appear readily available, as the town maintains a Slime Bunny bucket, a modest number of pigs, and several potted plants.

Beyond the town and the beach, Goldenbrick Resort is almost completely desert, which extends east until it reaches the mountain where the Temple of Godcat was built. Strangely, its western edge is only separated from the verdant Lankyroot Jungle by a small river, and yet shows little to none of the lush vegetation on its banks.


Most of the foes in Goldenbrick Resort are Earth, Bio, and Thunder-based. Several Water-based foes populate the northern coast, and a smattering of other elemental foes (including a few robots last seen in the Waste Disposal Plant) appear as the party gets closer to the Temple of Godcat in the west.

Foe List


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  • Bill: Standing outside the Item Shop. Wants three Panties in exchange for Pizza, Chilli Sauce, and a Diamond.
  • Pam: A blue-clad mage standing near the westernmost path to the seaside docks. Wants 20 Bubble Stones in exchange for the Hailstorm skill.
  • Clegg: Standing in the northwestern corner of the area. Wants The Shovel in exchange for Spiked Boots and some Ham.
  • Jan: Standing near the seaside on the northern side of the resort. Wants Old Boots. Gives The Shovel and a Lollipop after quest completion.
  • Tang: Standing near the temple's entrance. Wants a Blood Orb, but gives it back along with a Karate Gi and Honeycomb.
  • Saito: Inside the Equip Shop. Wants Spiked Boots, Titanium, and 10 Steel Plates. Gives the Blue Scroll and Mythril Shards after quest completion.


Equip Shop

Food Shop

All normal foods, as usual.

Item Shop

Every crafting item in the game.