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"I'm not stupid enough to take Golems lightly - they're extremely heavy!"
Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Golems are a recurring group of foes found throughout the Epic Battle Fantasy series ever since Epic Battle Fantasy.


Golems appear as large beings made from hard materials, usually rocks dotted with crystals or metal. Most are bipedal and vaguely humanoid, but some of them have a quadrupedal stance and others appear as giant, monstrous heads. They are able to disassemble themselves into separate body parts, which can move independently and reassemble at will. This ability is used during several of their attacks and when entering a battle.

The earliest Golems were vaguely humanoid figures made out of chunks of rock. They often wielded equally massive weapons, usually made from the same materials as their bodies.

Starting in EBF4, the "standard" Golem has a vaguely oval-shaped body horizontally split in two by a massive, jagged "mouth." The lower half has a pair of proportionately tiny legs, while the upper half has two large arms ending in sharp protrusions that serve as the Golem's main weapons. Each of their legs end in several sharp "toes".

Some games imply that Golems can fuse together into a larger, stronger form, presumably by manipulating their constituent materials into a single body. If the components had different elements, the fused entity can use all of them, either in tandem or by changing its elemental affinity.

Beyond locations that suit their individual elements, Golems are usually found in rugged areas like mountains, canyons, and caves.


"Huh, what's that sou- Oh drat, Golems coming in from above!"
Natalie sees her first Golem, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Golems are challenging high-tier foes that boast incredible durability and power. They are often among the strongest type of enemies in a given area, with some members being full-fledged boss fights and others being surpassed only by the likes of Dragons and Monoliths.

While the majority of Golems have some form of Earth skill (often an earthquake caused by them jumping in place), most of their abilities are oriented around a given element, with the Giga Golem and Crystal Golem being able to switch their elemental powers and EBF5 Golems being able to use two elements at once.

In EBF3, Golems attack with their massive weapons while defending themselves with their other arm. However, they begin to lose parts of their body as they take damage, reducing their capabilities.

Starting from EBF4, Golems inflict devastating physical damage to players by stabbing them with their arms; they will stab players much more aggressively when at low HP. They can also slam the ground with their arms to cast some magical skills. Most Golems can retrieve giant rocks or crystals from below ground and smash them, sending their shards flying at the players. This deals some physical damage corresponding to their element and may inflict a status effect.

In EBF5, Golems can automatically summon Ores as reinforcements with some of their moves. With the exception of the Bone Golem, they have gained a new attack where they will disassemble their bodies into many chunks and send them flying at the player's side, damaging them at random.

Golems are usually weak to Bomb and Ice, but resistant to Earth, Bio and Wind. They are also resistant or immune to Stun, Freeze, and Death.


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  • Golems are one of the few enemy families to make an appearance in every main game of the Epic Battle Fantasy series. However, it could be argued that Matt Roszak only invented Golems by EBF2, with the original game's Golems being cameos from the Pokémon franchise (until their redesign as part of the EBF Collection).
  • EBF3's Golems are identified as "Golem Knights" on Matt Roszak's DeviantArt page.
  • The Golems in EBF2 and 3 made a distinct noise (similar to deep, distorted laughter) when assembling themselves or being defeated. The humanoid Golems in EBF4 and EBF5 only use the first part of the noise, and the boss-level Golems don't use it at all.
  • The different types of EBF4's humanoid Golems make up the 34th wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.
  • The attack used by Golems in EBF5 where they send portions of their body parts flying at the players appears strikingly similar to the signature attack of the Yellow Devil, a boss from the Mega Man franchise. Both foes even reconstruct themselves after this attack.