Golems are recurring enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Often some of the strongest enemies in a given area, they appear as colossal, vaguely humanoid monsters made from hard materials (usually stone, but wood and metal have been used as well). They generally possess strong defensive stats and powerful physical attacks, but some can also cast magic.

Golems tend to be resistant to most elements and status effects, but vulnerable to bombs.


Epic Battle Fantasy

EBF1 Legendary Golems

Registeel summoned against Regirock and Regice.

Although no true Golem enemies appeared in this game, the golem-like Pokemon Regice and Regirock appeared as bosses in the Ocean area. Their counterpart, Registeel, was also available as a summon.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Giga Golem

The Giga Golem, currently in ice mode.

This game introduced the first Golem, the Giga Golem, as the boss of Stage 12. Appearing as a massive conglomerate of ice and fire bits, it has the ability to switch between fire and ice affinities, giving it new abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

  • Light Golem
  • Dark Golem

The third game was the first to feature Golems as regular enemies, introducing two new species: Light Golems and Dark Golems. Both are powerful, late-game foes who attack with heavy physical moves and boast massive defenses. However, they also begin losing body parts as their HP drops, reducing their combat capabilities; at about half HP, they lose their left arm, which makes them easier to injure. If brought down to about five percent of their health, their right arm falls off, reducing their attack options to a simple headbutt.

Both Golems are vulnerable to Water, Ice, and Bomb, but resistant to Thunder, Earth, Poison, Fire, and many status effects (poison, stun, berserk, and death).

Light Golem

This white Golem first appears in the Kitten Ruins. It appears to be weathered and somewhat damaged (missing most of its right horn, for instance), but its battle power is nothing to scoff at. It can attack single targets with its massive hammer or its rocky shield, or strike the entire party with an earthquake that also casts Rockslide on one target. In addition to the above-mentioned weaknesses and resistances, the Light Golem is resistant to Holy and weak to Dark.

Dark Golem

The opposite of the Light Golem, the Dark Golem appears in Volcano Peak and The Rift. It has a much more demonic appearance than the Light Golem, having red markings on its "face", twisted metal forming its horns and axe, and at least two skulls incorporated into its body. Its abilities are largely the same as the Light Golem, but its earthquake attack casts The Dead on the entire party, hitting them with moderate Poison damage and a high chance of poison status. Its unique resistances and weaknesses are the opposite of its light counterpart; it is weak to Holy and resistant to Dark.

Adventure Story

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The fourth game features the widest variety of Golems yet; three standard enemies and one boss. They generally appear to be even less humanoid than the previous games' Golems, and specialize in powerful physical attacks. Bomb is one of the best elements to damage them. The Golems' appearance greatly differs from ones in previous games. Also, their limbs no longer fall off, as opposed to the ones in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Earth Golem

A large enemy with a jagged mouth in the middle of its rocky brown torso, large arms ending in blades, and bits of vegetation sprouting from its body. It mainly appears in Ashwood Forest and Lankyroot Jungle. As its name and appearance suggest, it is an Earth-based creature, but it mostly forgoes magic in favor of its punishing physical attacks.

The Earth Golem can slash a single target with its bladed arms (either twice or six times) or cast single-target Earth magic by stabbing its arms into the ground. Its multi-target attacks include an earthquake caused by it jumping in place, and a damaging spray of shrapnel caused by it crushing a chunk of earth and stone between its blades.

Ice Golem

An ice-based Golem made of grey stone and blue ice crystals, with large ice blades on its arms. It is mainly found in the Crystal Caverns.

Its attacks are largely the same as the Earth Golem's, but with a few new twists. Its magic attacks are ice-based, its earthquake attack has been replaced by a freezing breath, and most of its attacks have a chance to Freeze their targets - a dangerous combination with the Ice Golem's massive attack power.

Drill Golem

A black Golem made of rock and metal, with a pair of massive drills for arms. It mainly lurks in the Waste Disposal Plant, but it is unclear if it is among the facility's many secret military projects or not.

It has the same multi-hit melee attacks as its brethren, but its other abilities have been altered significantly. Its magic attack of choice is Giga Drill, its mouth conceals a cannon that can strike players for Bomb-element damage, and it can fire its arms like rockets to inflict heavy physical damage on the entire party. However, the last attack is a one-time move, and the armless Drill Golem is limited to its cannon and earthquake attacks afterwards.


The Crystal Golem as it appears in the intro

Crystal Golem

The Crystal Golem appears as the second boss of the game - fittingly, it appears in the Crystal Caverns. A massive, quadrupedal Golem, it supplements its brutal physical power with magic spells and Bit reinforcements, the elements of which change depending on the color of the gem on its back.


  • EBF3's Golems are identified as "Golem Knights" on Matt Roszak's DeviantArt page.
  • The Golems in EBF2 and 3 made a distinct noise (similar to deep, distorted laughter) when assembling themselves or being defeated. EBF4's Golem enemies only use the first part of the noise, and the Crystal Golem doesn't use it at all.
  • The different types of EBF4 Golems, except the Crystal or Diamond Golems, make up the 34th wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.
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