Graybone Cemetary Screen

Slime Cat Location in Graybone Cemetery

Graybone Cemetery is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It is located to the south of Greenwood Village and to the west of Whitefall Town, although only the latter entrance is accessible at the beginning of the game.

Unlike most of the other areas in the game, Graybone Cemetery is completely optional (a fact noted by Natalie upon your first visit). However, it is recommended to complete this area, as it contains unique enemies and dark-resistant equipment, which will come in handy for the final boss.

Graybone Cemetery's theme is "Bloody Bloodlust".


Graybone Cemetery is an eerie graveyard set in what appears to be a long-dead forest. Most of the trees have evil-looking faces, and it is heavily implied that they were people transfigured into trees by some dark magic within the cemetery. One screen contains a Slime Bunny pool and a number of graves, with tombstones referencing other games (such as Dragonball Z, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and previous games in the Epic Battle Fantasy series).

The cemetery is also home to a pair of large tombs, both of which must be opened by moving four stone blocks onto "X" marks outside their walls. Each tomb contains piles of bones, lever-activated spike traps, and evidence of sinister rituals (including an unseen but apparently gruesome object nailed to the ceiling). The cemetery's Slime Cat is sitting on a box outside the eastern tomb.

Graybone Cemetery contains 14 Chests in total, including the ones inside the tombs. To access these tombs, you will require The Hammer, as large boulders hinder some of the blocks needed to open them.


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Enemies in Graybone Cemetery include Black BirdsEvil Worms and Evil Tails, Undying MonolithsCoal BatsUndead BearsSacred Runes, Haunted TreesFrost Wraiths, and Flame Wraiths. Boosting Dark, Holy, and Poison Resistance is recommended, as those elements are the most common in the area. Offensively, Holy, Fire, and Wind attacks will be effective against most of the foes, with Bomb and Dark being useful against the Runes and Monoliths.

After the Battle Mountain update, Graybone Cemetery finally received a boss of its own: the Zombie Hydra. However, it cannot be battled until very late in the game, as players will need the Winged Boots to cross the dark clouds surrounding it. Unlike other bosses, the Zombie Hydra respawns every time the player leaves and re-enters the graveyard.


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